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OSI Group, LLC has a long history that dates back to 1909. The food processing company based in Illinois, started as a meat market in Oak Park, courtesy of Otto Kolschowsky. The company was officially launched in the United States business industry in 1917 where the popular entrepreneur expanded its activities to become a major fresh meat supply in the country. The local reputation was followed by the branding of the company, Otto& sons in 1928. Although Otto was only a few years old in the United States as a German immigrant, his resilience entrepreneurial skills could not be stopped.

Years on, Otto & Sons managed to secure a long-term contract with McDonald’s which was struggling through the inception stages. Beef supply to Ray Kroc, McDonald’s founder, became the main business activity of Otto & Sons. However, Otto & Sons did not stop at this point and went on to implement new strategies and to incorporate technology into the business structure. In 1960 for instance, cryogenic food processing came as a revolution in the food processing industry, the method involved preserving food using nitrogen freezing. McDonald’s growth and thrivings can be attributed to the consistent and gradual structures of Otto & Sons in their quality of beef and supply services.

The opening of the West Chicago plant in 1973 was a boost in Otto & Sons company. In the West Chicago plant, the management invested more in nitrogen freezing machines as well as party machines as a strategy to reach out and penetrate more in the industry. As one of McDonald’s four meat suppliers, Otto & Sons set reservoirs for business with Roy Kroc. On the other hand, the company ventured further into the supply of specially processed meat to supermarkets and restaurants. This significantly boosted profits and growth in size hence its name change to OSI industries in 1975 as the sole McDonald meat supplier. Later, the company signed an agreement with Best Chicago that led to its new brand name, OSI Group, LLC.

Today, the food products global supplier has various plants in the United States, these include; California, Fort Atkinson, Iowa, Geneva, Utah, Oakland, West Chicago, and Wisconsin. Its market spreads around seventeen countries mainly in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. The company specializes in hot dogs, poultry, fish, pizza, pork, as well as vegetable and dough products, these range from breakfast, lunches to desserts and snacks as product offers from OSI. OSI Group, LLC has been recognized to be exemplary in environmental and health management.

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