Bumble Was Not Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Initial Intention

The journey to the large success of Bumble has started when Whitney Wolfe has decided that she has wanted to set up a social network for women to reach out to each other and give each other support. She did not want it to have anything to do with looks or appearances. However, there was someone who has convinced to set up a dating app. One thing that person saw in Whitney Wolfe Herd is her passion and her energy. Of course, Whitney has refused to take part in the online dating industry because that was not what she was interested in.

One night, Whitney was having a leisurely night out when she has thought about the tradition of dating. One thing she has thought about is what if women were making the first move. Then she has thought about the dating app in which women are enabled and encouraged to make the first move towards men they are interested in. The way this was done was by disabling the men’s account so that they are not able to message any woman until she initiates contact with him. Then he can have a conversation with the person if he chooses.

After coming up with the concept, Whitney Wolfe has met with someone to talk about a good name for the concept. She has finally settled on the name Bumble. Afterwards, she has developed the app until it was ready to be released to the public. After the release, history was made. People have signed up for the app and have experienced the difference between this app and the other apps.

With the success of the app for women, Whitney Wolfe Herd has kept the empowerment of women on her mind and has looked into different ways that she can empower them. This has included bringing forth extensions to her dating app so that women can meet one another as friends. She has also set up an app for business. One thing that she wants people to know is the power of networking. Networking can help people find opportunities that are best suited for them.

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