Karl Heideck-Car seat laws in the state of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the leading states in the United States in putting up measures that will enhance safety on the roads. In one of the recently passed laws, the state legislators have passed a law that requires car owners to install car seats that enhance the safety of children. The law was passed after concern was raised in the common wealth meeting that the number of children that were dying due to roads accidents was very high. There was concern that something should be done to ensure that the lives of the children on the roads were protected.

According to a prominent lawyer in Philadelphia Karl Heideck, the law will bring sanity on the roads by ensuring that some deaths are prevented. A scientific research that was conducted in a few years ago showed that it is safer for a child of less than two years to sit in a car facing the rear of the vehicle than it is when facing the front. These children have very fragile bones that will break with ease even in minor accidents. The legislators of tie state followed this research and recommended that every car owner carrying a child of less than two years in a car must have a special seat that faces towards the rear of the vehicle.

Karl Heideck adds that according to the law it will be against the law not to have this seat. Some charges will be made to drivers who do not comply. This legislation was passed a year ago in August 2016 but only became punishable law in August 2017. For the last one years, car owners were given a chance to comply with the law. No one was charged for noncompliance. However, now it is a punishable offense not to comply. It will attract a fine of 125 dollars.

The law apart from enhancing safety for under two years children, it has a provision that protects children who are of less under eight years. The law requires that children of less than eight years have booster seats. In this category though, children of more than 80 pounds are not affected by the law. The penalty for non-compliance is $75.

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