Karl Heideck Explains the The New Salary Law In Philadelphia

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney and adviser in matters of concern. He recently offered Karl Heideck’s opinion concerning the challenges that employers face in terms of law and the channels they can follow to pursue better salaries. Karl Heideck stated that in Philadelphia, the legislation bars employers from enjoying normal salary rates for specific job groups, an indication that employers were allowed to look into past salaries of employees prior to hiring them. The new legislation presently bars employers from looking into employee’s history of salaries before they are hired. Employers are also barred from calling or hiring previous employers of the new candidates in order to look into their salary history.

Stating the new law

The new law was first announced in January and has been effectively picking up. Philadelphia has been lucky enough to earn this honorary distinction as the first municipality to pass the employer and employees salary history law before hiring. The new law vastly receiving attention and is viewed from a different angle that offers little to no information about employees. This is a sign that employers will not be allowed to dig deep into employee’s salary scales and bonuses from the previous employers. With the limitation of information offered when hiring, it becomes a challenge for potential employers to nail an interactive chance of employing workers. In the views of advocates who support workers, the law suits workers because it offers protection to them. It is also a means through which workers acquire the freedom to transparency throughout the process of hiring. This is especially important for marginalized groups that need protection.

Why the new law is important

There are consequences for failing to observe the new law. According to Karl Heideck, from January, the law should have been put in practice. Without this, there shall be charges filed against the employer. Businesses must ensure that lawyers are engaged in the hiring processes in order for employers to avoid intruding into the candidate’s privacy without their knowledge. The law is majorly aimed at making sure that there is more transparency in the hiring process of workers. It is also a means towards ensuring that the gap between hiring males and females is sealed by proper law contribution.

Personal Profile of Karl

Karl Heideck offers insight on key societal issues that affect humanity. He is an experienced attorney who specializes in litigation, governance, restructuring and public services. Since he graduated law school, he has been instrumental in setting the pace for operating in the real world.

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