Securus Technologies Creating a Connection between Inmates and Their Family Members

Anyone whose family members, close friends, relatives or any other close acquaintance has been in jail would understand how painful it is to live without them. To get in touch with them, you need to go to the prison, get the permission, complete all the other formalities and finally visit them. After all these lengthy processes, the time duration of the visit is minimal. At this point, when you are at your wit’s end, Securus technologies come to the rescue.


Securus Technologies, a company that is based in Dallas, Texas in the United States, has created a revolution with their innovative concepts in the field of prison telecommunications. The company has simply taken this prison communication technology to the next higher level. It helps to connect the inmates who are confined in prison to their beloved members of the family and their close ones.


With the telephonic service of Securus technologies, you can connect anytime with the people in jail. The service is available 24*7 which is the greatest benefit that the users get. In addition to this, the remote visitation service allows the family members to do a video conferencing with the member in prison. A recent press release from Securus technologies mentioned that the remote video services are immensely popular among the people since it saves the travel time, transportation costs, parking costs and waiting in lines for hours making it a preferable choice for the people.


I realized the usefulness of the services of Securus technologies when one of my closest office colleagues was in jail some time back. He was not living with his family because he had come to work here and I was the only one to support him. The services of Securus technologies allowed me to connect with him on a regular basis and even he was able to stay in touch with his family members from a different country.



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