Samuel Strauch Is A Leader In The Real Estate World

Samuel Strauch is someone who received an excellent education before he got started working in real estate. This man is someone who put his time in and studied at various colleges before he began to work at the job that he currently is at and enjoying.

This man studied at Harvard University, receiving a portion of his education there. He also studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Samuel Strauch received a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from Hofstra University, graduating in 1994. He put the time in at colleges to become the man that he is today, a leader in the real estate world.

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Samuel Strauch is a part of many groups. Each group that he is in helps him to be better at the job that he is doing. He is someone who looks to grow in the way that he serves those who turn to him, and he uses his involvement with others in the real estate world to help him with that.

The worst job that Samuel Strauch ever had was a job working in the operational department of a large company. The work that he did while he had that job was not fulfilling to him. That job pushed him to want to live out his dreams. Samuel Strauch is a realtor today because he knows that he needs to have the kind of job that inspires him and that makes him happy. The job working in the operational department for a business was not something that he wanted to hold onto for the rest of his life. In addition to being a real estate agent, he is also someone who has invested in a variety of ventures. He is someone who is doing what makes him happy and what he hopes will give him a bright future.

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