Providing alternative credit and equity management: Highland Capital Management

In 1993 Highland Capital Management was established by Mark Okada and James Dondero. The company offers alternative credit and equity management globally. Its investment activities include separate accounts, hedge funds, collateral loan obligations, private equity, mutual funds. The company aims to provide alternative strategies at a low cost in its platform designed to meet specific needs of its clients. The company’s clients base includes foundations, public pension plans, corporations, endowments, financial institutions, governments, fund of funds, and individuals of high net worth. The company has its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas but it also has offices in Sao Paulo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore. Read this article at

The company’s assets, combined with those of its affiliates, were estimated to be $18 billion. This asset base makes Highland Capital Management one the largest alternative credit managers.

Recently, the company’s affiliate in Korea sealed private equity that is healthcare-focused worth $147 million. The investor for this fund is South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS). The objectives of investors who participate in this Highland capital with NPS are based on healthcare as well as returns on investment. The platform provides openings for co-investment aimed at serving strategic objectives in China, Korea, and the United States.

The deal is the first Highland Capital Management Fund that is health care oriented in the Asian region. Past deals were direct or through multi-purpose funds. According to Moore, who is the managing director and co-head of Highland’s private equity group, the strategy of the fund aligns with the core capabilities of Highland Capital Management. Visit to know more.

In October 2016, Highland Capital Management celebrated the listing of The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF at the Nasdaq MarketSite. The company held the event in honor of the company’s co-founder and chief investment officer, Mark Okada. This occasion shows the recognition the company holds towards its workers and investors.

The charity work of Highland Capital is exemplary. Its investment is beyond the financial market. It extends in investing in communities especially where its employees work and live. The company endeavors to make a difference through volunteering, involvement in advisory boards and donations regarding finance. These contributions are made to non-profit organizations and local communities. The company together with its partners have committed more than $10 million to groups spread across the world.


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