Organo Gold and Fantastic Beverages

Coffee consumption may have a relationship with longevity. That’s because intake of the beverage could give people decreased odds of passing away from numerous medical conditions. Examples are both stroke and heart disease. Studies available in the Annals of Internal Medicine have recently made this statement. Researchers have looked into the health advantages of coffee intake for years now. A research project assessed more than 185,000 individuals in the United States. Its researchers discovered that decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee alike brought on reduced odds of deaths triggered by kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart disease. This applied to people of white, Latino, East Asian and African heritage. Experts don’t necessarily believe that coffee can help people live longer. They may identify tangible links between coffee intake and longevity, however. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Organo Gold is the name of an international marketing firm that focuses on personal care products, nutraceuticals and beverages alike. It concentrates on high-quality teas and coffees that consist of a mushroom that’s called Ganoderma. Ganoderma is believed to be equipped with a number of health advantages. People who are interested in Organo’s drinks can choose between a broad array of options. Some examples of these beverages are King of Coffee, Café Mocha, Gourmet Black Coffee, Café Latte, Black Ice, Red Tea, Green Tea, Hot Cocoa and Café Supreme. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

The company’s “Black Coffee” is a good fit for people who appreciate standard coffee tastes. It’s a coffee that has a powerful yet pleasant flavor. It can be helpful to people who wish to begin their mornings with ample energy and vitality. Black Coffee does not include creamer or sugar. That’s the reason it can be a suitable base for coffee enthusiasts of all kinds. Black Coffee includes both organic reishi powder and instant coffee. Organic reishi powder is Ganoderma lucidum.


Darker Colors Released by Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a socially responsible hair and cosmetic company, that released for great new colors to the Unicorn Hair product line. These new colors are semi-permanent and are full coverage.

  • Chestnut
  • Squid
  • Sea Witch
  • Charcoal

The colors are made to work with darker hair and the colors are darker, for a good compliment when the customer wants a more muted tint or highlight, versus a brighter color. The dyes do not require hair to be bleached and work right out of the jar. LimeCrime wants customers to experiment and create there own colors that are unique to them.

Lime Crime is 100% vegan and certified cruelty free. No animals are tested on for their product lines, which makes LimeCrime a great contender in hair and makeup. It is also hard to find products that work well with darker hair, so they are changing the way women can style and color their hair, at a fraction of the salon costs.

These new darker colors complement the eye shadows and lipsticks in the cosmetic lines. The Unicorn Lipstick and new colors are a great match of dark and light, for those who like to mix it up with their daily look.

Lime Crime is a great idea for products that go well with darker hair. The new darker colors will go well with just about any outfit, profession and style. These new colors promise to be a favorite among brunettes everywhere.

Providing alternative credit and equity management: Highland Capital Management

In 1993 Highland Capital Management was established by Mark Okada and James Dondero. The company offers alternative credit and equity management globally. Its investment activities include separate accounts, hedge funds, collateral loan obligations, private equity, mutual funds. The company aims to provide alternative strategies at a low cost in its platform designed to meet specific needs of its clients. The company’s clients base includes foundations, public pension plans, corporations, endowments, financial institutions, governments, fund of funds, and individuals of high net worth. The company has its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas but it also has offices in Sao Paulo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore. Read this article at

The company’s assets, combined with those of its affiliates, were estimated to be $18 billion. This asset base makes Highland Capital Management one the largest alternative credit managers.

Recently, the company’s affiliate in Korea sealed private equity that is healthcare-focused worth $147 million. The investor for this fund is South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS). The objectives of investors who participate in this Highland capital with NPS are based on healthcare as well as returns on investment. The platform provides openings for co-investment aimed at serving strategic objectives in China, Korea, and the United States.

The deal is the first Highland Capital Management Fund that is health care oriented in the Asian region. Past deals were direct or through multi-purpose funds. According to Moore, who is the managing director and co-head of Highland’s private equity group, the strategy of the fund aligns with the core capabilities of Highland Capital Management. Visit to know more.

In October 2016, Highland Capital Management celebrated the listing of The Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF at the Nasdaq MarketSite. The company held the event in honor of the company’s co-founder and chief investment officer, Mark Okada. This occasion shows the recognition the company holds towards its workers and investors.

The charity work of Highland Capital is exemplary. Its investment is beyond the financial market. It extends in investing in communities especially where its employees work and live. The company endeavors to make a difference through volunteering, involvement in advisory boards and donations regarding finance. These contributions are made to non-profit organizations and local communities. The company together with its partners have committed more than $10 million to groups spread across the world.


Business Executive and Finance Expert-Glen Wakeman

He has been in business for over 20 years not only doing business but carrying out a successful business. Glen Wakeman is a respected person in the finance industry, as well as the business sector. After his High School graduation, Glen joined the University of Chicago where he studied and graduated with an MBA in Finance; he later found the need to gain more experience as well as skills and decided to advance his education by enrolling at the University of Scranton where he graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance. Mr. Wakeman has had a successful career since he began his career. Read this interview at

Mr. Glen Wakeman began his career serving at GE Capital in a P&L and business developmental position, and later he joined Dora Financial Corporation. His commitment and hard work led him to climb the career ladder at Dora becoming the Chief Executive Officer, the President, and the Chairman of Dora Bank Board. Glen can well be described as an Executive mentor, small business owner, an investor, a Chief executive office as well finance expert. Glen Wakeman is a unique finance and business expert who has a love of building a strong business foundation using his self-made principles which include; risk management, governance, execution, human capital as well as leadership. Visit Glen Wakeman’s profile at Linkedin.

Mr. Wakeman is also a founder and a President of several organizations among them; Nova Four where he is the President, and Launchpad Holdings where is the President and the Chief Executive officer of the firm. Launchpad Holding can well be described as a SAAS company which is devoted to offering online strategy services to entrepreneurs at their early stage. Glen makes every effort to assist the business community by frequently blogging on different issues which h include; capital raising, leadership, emerging markets, international affairs, as well as offering advice on business planning. He does not only have a vast experience of over 20 years, but he has also lived in more than six nations and working in over 32 countries in the world giving him the best experience ever. Wakeman is an advisor to startups as well as a mentor to a c-level executive. He loves helping others realize their potential in life through expansion and development.


The Strength of Talkspace

App technology is definitely changing the way that people do things from one day to the next. It has made it possible for people to deposit checks, manage money, stay connected with friends and share photos all from the comfort of their homes. Anyone that has a phone or a tablet does not have to worry about how they can communicate when it comes to socializing. People are even using app technology to find dates and build relationships. This makes app technology the core of the technology world when smart device devices come into play. People that have been utilizing technology are now discovering that they can also get their therapy needs met as well.

Talkspace is the app that is going to provide this outlet for therapy. Some people have become familiar with the app early on while others are just catching wind of this technology-based counseling app. It appears to be growing in popularity at a greater than normal speed because more than half a million people have already signed up.

When this type of crowd decides to try something it is clear that the app is going to be a hit. People are responding to this type of app technology because it gives them the chance to really open about issues. Many people have things that they are hiding, and they want to get these things out in the open.

Talkspace has become the platform that allows people to look at this type of technology that comes through smart devices and make plans to build much to resolve their issues.

People have to consider what Talkspace brings to the table when they look at technology. They want to chance to explore the ways these apps can help people get out of the wreck that they are in.

Drew Madden Iconic Impact to the IT Healthcare

Drew Madden has been a person who name has turned to be iconic not only to the healthcare sector rather to the entrepreneurship sector. He is a person who has proven to be beyond the normal role of an entrepreneur by bringing new technology in the health sector.

The efficiency of how information is relayed and also stored electronically is critical in the healthcare facility. Through the various technological advances that have been experienced in the current epoch, Drew Madden has been on the forefront in solving the IT problems in the healthcare facility. It should be noted that more efficient electronic gadgets are required to ensure that the information of a patient is stored without manipulation to ensure the proper treatment required.

Drew Madden as a graduate in the medical field from the Lowa University understands the information requirements of a healthcare facility critically. He thus used the knowledge to bring up new innovation in the management information systems of the health sectors. He has continuously applied innovation in the technology sector that ensures production of new electronic gadgets. He ensures that is compatible with the former electronic systems to ensure that no patient information is lost through the upgrading of the informational system.

One of the innovations that Drew Madden has contributed to the healthcare IT is the use of touchscreen tablets. The tablets have been on the forefront in bringing the efficiency of communication between the doctors within different facilities. It has enabled the doctors to access the information of their patients by just a touch of the tablet. It is one of the innovations that has been incorporated in most of the facilities in the United States of America.

Drew Madden has studied both the medical systems and also the medical business. He was employed at the Nordic Consulting at the time the firm was in the blink of collapsing. He has used his entrepreneurial expertise to ensure that the firm thrives in the medical system market and the revenues of the firm have risen to more than one hundred million dollars annually. Drew Madden has proven to be an icon in the medical system field.

Clay Siegal Impact at Seattle Genetics

Many companies are working hard to develop new drugs that can manage various types of cancer. But Seattle Genetics is one of the companies that has invested heavily in research to produce high quality and effective drugs that can control cancer. Seattle Genetics was found in 1998, and Clay Siegal was one of the co-founders. Clay Siegal is highly educated. He joined the University of Maryland where he attained a degree in zoology. He later joined George Washington University where he achieved a PH.D. in genetics.

After graduating, he worked at National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute as well as Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. After serving in this institutes, Clay decided co-founded Seattle Genetics with the aim of developing antibody-based cancer therapies. He helped the company in capital raising activities raising over $675 million through private and public finances in its early years. These funds are used to finance research and development of new drugs.

Seattle Genetics has been working hard to ensure they market their new products globally. The company specializes in the manufacture of Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) which target antigens which stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies. These drugs attach themselves outside cancer cells and deposit toxins inside the cells that eventually kill them. This is a better approach as this approach reduces normal tissue damage evident in chemotherapy as well a radiation.

Siegal has been very influential in making sure the company develops many drugs that are helpful in cancer management. Currently, the company has 11 drugs in the pipeline and Siegal is confident that four of them will attract huge sales. The first drug is Adcertris which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as one of the drugs for Hodgkin lymphoma. This medication should be used if the first and second drugs don’t show the impact on the patient. Siegal predicts Adcetris will make sales of over $1 billion annually. If all the tests show dramatic impact, there is no doubt that this drug could be recommended as a first therapy.

The second drug is 33A. This drug targets AML (acute myeloid leukemia) which has been a challenge for decades. Seattle Genetics is working hard to release this drug so that it can manage this form of blood cancer. The other drugs include 22ME as well as LIV1 which target bladder cancer and breast cancer respectively. Clay Siegal has been very instrumental in Seattle Genetics operations, and he is confident the company will achieve its objectives in research as well as sales.

Securus Technologies Keeping Officers Safe on the Job

My last few years working as a corrections officer have been some of the more challenging. Inmates are getting lengthier sentences in our facility and have no regard for officers anymore because they know those sentences can not be extended further than they are. Even with tighter restrictions on inmates, we are starting to lose ground as they are not getting drugs and contraband easier than any other time, so we are at serious risk of danger any second of any day now.


To that end, my superiors decided that it was time to bring in some resources that would hopefully level this playing field.


If the inmates are in the prison guest center, we have access to a number of scanning devices that will detect anything that should not be on either. If the scanner detects visitors are trying to smuggle in anything, we get it out of circulation before it has a chance to get to the inmates. If we scan the inmates after the meeting and they have anything, we have the chance to get it before it makes it back to their cells. We also added the new jail phone monitoring system by Securus Technologies to our arsenal.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental in making prisons a safer working environment for officers and for keeping violence to a minimum towards anyone that has to be behind those prison walls. Now that we are alerted by the LBS software when an incident on the phone occurs, we can be in a better position to take immediate and swift action.


Case in point, last month we had a serious problem with cocaine being sold but couldn’t find the source. One night an inmate was on the jail phone talking about how the guest needed to be careful with the exchange this week. It was enough to have us monitor them and take down the drugs.


Karl Heideck-Car seat laws in the state of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the leading states in the United States in putting up measures that will enhance safety on the roads. In one of the recently passed laws, the state legislators have passed a law that requires car owners to install car seats that enhance the safety of children. The law was passed after concern was raised in the common wealth meeting that the number of children that were dying due to roads accidents was very high. There was concern that something should be done to ensure that the lives of the children on the roads were protected.

According to a prominent lawyer in Philadelphia Karl Heideck, the law will bring sanity on the roads by ensuring that some deaths are prevented. A scientific research that was conducted in a few years ago showed that it is safer for a child of less than two years to sit in a car facing the rear of the vehicle than it is when facing the front. These children have very fragile bones that will break with ease even in minor accidents. The legislators of tie state followed this research and recommended that every car owner carrying a child of less than two years in a car must have a special seat that faces towards the rear of the vehicle.

Karl Heideck adds that according to the law it will be against the law not to have this seat. Some charges will be made to drivers who do not comply. This legislation was passed a year ago in August 2016 but only became punishable law in August 2017. For the last one years, car owners were given a chance to comply with the law. No one was charged for noncompliance. However, now it is a punishable offense not to comply. It will attract a fine of 125 dollars.

The law apart from enhancing safety for under two years children, it has a provision that protects children who are of less under eight years. The law requires that children of less than eight years have booster seats. In this category though, children of more than 80 pounds are not affected by the law. The penalty for non-compliance is $75.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an attorney with offices in Philadelphia. He deals with commercial litigation. He is among the best in the state. He is known for writing a lot about the laws that are passed by the legislators in the state.

Kel Heideck studied law at the temple university Beasley School of law.

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Beneful is a Brand Full of Benefits

The Beneful brand of dog food has an interesting and unique name. Those who are curious about how the brand got its name may want to look into all that the brand has created, all that it offers to pet owners. Each product from the Beneful brand is full of nutrients and benefits to the dog that devours it. The name Beneful most likely came from the word benefit. Beneful is a brand that focuses on health and on making their products the best that they can be. It is a brand that looks to enhance the lives of pets. Benefulcommercial is a brand that is full of benefits for the pets that consume their products.

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