Jason Hope, the Futuristic Thinker

Jason Hope is a young mind best known for his futuristic thinking. From a very tender age, Jason Hope has always had a deep-rooted passion for technology, and what it can do in our day to day lives. Presently, Hope happens to be a renowned author, futurist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. With his BS in Finance from the Arizona State University and an MBA from the Arizona State University-W.P. Carey School of Business, Hope has been able to make a successful career at Mobile Technology.

Thirteen years down the line, Jason Hope is as innovative as they come. In his lifetime, Jason has gotten overly fascinated by the rate at which modern technology is rapidly transforming. Through his writing abilities, Jason Hope has since day one been trying to show the world just how fast the Internet of Things is gaining root in our modern societies.

Through publications like The Security Risks of the Internet of Things, Can the Internet of Things Live up to its Hype?, IoT Articles, The Marriage of IoT and Marketing-Where the True Value Lies, Jason Hope is trying to show the world the many benefits of the Internet of Things. In this age and time, not a single computer gadget runs without getting connected to the web.

When you look at the current generations, you find just how much the young people are into tech and innovation. Global statistics show that they are more Smartphones than there ever was a decade ago thanks to the advancements brought about by technology. Digging deeper, you also find out just how much the young tucks love and adore social media.

In its way, the internet has connected people from across the world, breaking all geographical barriers in the process. In so doing, it has become possible for people to interact freely, forging relationships along the way. Jason Hope, a futurist, sees much potential in Internet of Things. By digitizing businesses, companies can make huge profit margins by taking advantage of the human traffic brought about by the power of the web.

In future, concepts from the Internet of Things can get monetized using any idea at your disposal. With a bright future ahead, it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you so that it may benefit you at the end of the day. Time is coming when your life will get shaped based on how creative you are.

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David McDonald’s Tenure at OSI Group

David McDonald serves as the President of OSI Group, a premier global food and meat processing firm that partners with international brands. For the last three decades, McDonald has helped OSI Group to grow tremendously. Its original vision remains the same and devotes to delivering quality food and meat products to its clients across the world. All employees at OSI Group target to meet and exceed the expectations of customers. Interestingly, OSI Group looks at the big picture before establishing relationships with clients.

The cornerstone of OSI Group’s success is the ability to create powerful and dynamic relationships. Each partner understands the company’s culture and business practices, allowing OSI Group to establish a stable balance that influences all expenditures and decisions. Being able to build successful partnerships allows OSI Group to scale globally. McDonald attributes his success in China to the ability to associate with the locals. Over time, OSI Group has established long-term partnerships, which have helped it to consolidate its presence in the local Chinese market. The firm is faithful to its principles, delivers high-quality products, and comprehends the Chinese culture. While it took time to consolidate its presence in the local Chinese market, clients can now trust OSI Group to listen to their needs. In fact, David McDonald had to invest his time to gain their trust.

Nonetheless, OSI Group had to overcome several challenges related to technical and infrastructural issues in China. Today, OSI Group partners with its customers, suppliers, government agencies to advance the Chinese food and meat processing industry. It’s clients who inspire innovation at OSI Group. For David McDonald to provide valuable foods, he embarks on meeting customer needs. For example, OSI Group revs up its food processing with creativity to meet consumer wants cost-effectively. Again, David McDonald measures the effectiveness of the firm’s efforts and evaluates its mistakes to uncover a solution that fits customer needs. For him, risks are worthwhile and are some of his best learning tools.

OSI Group values its clients and views them as long-term partners. If OSI Group cannot offer its products its staff members, it would never offer it to the clients. OSI Group adapts to market changes and regards it as the best way to ensure success in the future. What has helped OSI Group to remain in a competitive edge is the ability to adapt to change swiftly.

OSI Group info: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

NuoDB takes SQL databases to the next step in their evolution

SQL databases have some incredible benefits. For more than 30 years, these systems have enabled businesses to track crucial data and analyze the habits of customers and the trends in their markets. This has provided powerful insights to businesses who have been able to avail themselves of these sophisticated systems.

However, legacy SQL databases have had serious drawbacks. For starters, they have oftentimes required entire teams of information technology professionals in order to keep them up and running. In many cases, even the queries themselves could not be completed without having extensive knowledge of how such databases operated. This severely limited the number of users who could practically engage with such systems, leading to a sort of firewall between databases, the analytics that they offered and the end users.

Today, NuoDB has revolutionized the way in which SQL databases are implemented in companies across America. Through the use of cloud computing, NuoDB has created a completely cloud-based SQL databases that enable all the company’s employees to easily interact with the system, making for and easy queries of the entire store of the company’s database.

These systems are revolutionizing the way in which SQL databases are implemented.

Strategic Innovation in the Banking Sector

The banking industry has become the backbone of the financial sector of any economy. For this reason, many people have embraced the use of banks in the modern times. For starters, banks in any society are the primary custodians of people’s wealth in form of money or other things of value, for instance, title deeds, jewelry, and other valuable treasures. Over time, banks have mushroomed and are found in every street in most cities. How do you know which bank is best for your needs? Well, that largely depends on your needs, but reputable banks like NexBank are likely to meet your expectations.

NexBank has built the reputation over time by offering excellent services. As a result, the President of NexBank, who is also the standing Chief Executive Officer, has been actively involved in the Texas Bankers Association’s panel in New Orleans. John Holt aims at representing the institution’s interests by discussing how community banking can be remodeled to enhance customer service.

The discussion, which is held annually, integrates the shrewd ideas of experts and brings together consultants, bank leaders, and financial advisers to exchange views on both the opportunities and challenges faced by banking institutions in the community. The conference encourages positive criticism and analysis of the stipulated strategic opportunities through branching, organic growth, and M&A activity by all participants.

NexBank’s history runs deep. It has been in active operation since the early 1920s. It is located in Dallas, Texas, and was founded by one James Dondero. Its services cut across mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking.

NexBank is a big institution with a net worth of $4.6 billion in terms of assets, deposit levels of $2.1 billion, and a loan portfolio of $2.2 billion. Moreover, its employees’ base ranges between 50 and 200 workers. Its success in the financial industry is built on the pillar of excellent services, and this is attested through its profitability every year.

Bob Reina: The Power Of Hope

Hope is something that a lot of people in life need but they find it hard to come by because of their current situation at their job. In many ways, they truly do feel hopeless and they feel like nothing is ever going to change for them. They need to try as best as they can to change that way of thinking. If they do that, they will see there is a man out there named Bob Reina with a company called Talk Fusion, which is truly changing the way business is being done for so many people out there. They are actually starting up their own business for the first time and they are making good money. As a matter of fact, they are making enough money to where they can quit their 9-5 job.


For a lot of people, they look at the job landscape and they don’t like what they see and they don’t like what is presented to them. Again, this is not to judge anyone that needs to take a job or have a job. That is part of life. However, for some people, they are daring to dream and dream big. They don’t want to simply just be satisfied or content. They want to be happy, thrilled, over the moon, and super excited. To them, that is how life should be every day when their feet hit the ground as they get out of bed. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/


Bob Reina’s company Talk Fusion is making that happen. Bob Reina is a thoughtful man. He is the kind of man that made a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society to save the lives of numerous animals. He is the kind of man that offers 30-day free trials to new customers of Talk Fusion. He is all about giving back, making the world a better place, and trying to leave a positive influence on as many people as possible.


Bob Reina knows Talk Fusion’s video technology will give people hope, which is something they have now finally regained. Now that they have it, they are not going to let it go, that is for sure.

Samuel Strauch Is A Leader In The Real Estate World

Samuel Strauch is someone who received an excellent education before he got started working in real estate. This man is someone who put his time in and studied at various colleges before he began to work at the job that he currently is at and enjoying.

This man studied at Harvard University, receiving a portion of his education there. He also studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Samuel Strauch received a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from Hofstra University, graduating in 1994. He put the time in at colleges to become the man that he is today, a leader in the real estate world.

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Samuel Strauch is a part of many groups. Each group that he is in helps him to be better at the job that he is doing. He is someone who looks to grow in the way that he serves those who turn to him, and he uses his involvement with others in the real estate world to help him with that.

The worst job that Samuel Strauch ever had was a job working in the operational department of a large company. The work that he did while he had that job was not fulfilling to him. That job pushed him to want to live out his dreams. Samuel Strauch is a realtor today because he knows that he needs to have the kind of job that inspires him and that makes him happy. The job working in the operational department for a business was not something that he wanted to hold onto for the rest of his life. In addition to being a real estate agent, he is also someone who has invested in a variety of ventures. He is someone who is doing what makes him happy and what he hopes will give him a bright future.

Why and How You Should Prepare for a Lifeline Screening

On most occasions the line ‘prevention is better than cure’ has been used to emphasize the benefits or the importance of curbing a problem early before it becomes worse and unmanageable. Lifeline Screening offers painless and non-invasive procedures that aim at analyzing the performance of different body organs to identify any possible threats.

The most common procedure that is used for screening is ultrasound scans, or what is also known as sonography. Other procedures such as finger stick blood screening and limited electrocardiography are also used. As for the finger stick blood, only a few drops of blood are obtained from your finger for the desired tests.

Preparation for the screening solely depends on particular condition you want to be screened for. The tests do not require you to do an extensive preparation routine. Most of them only require you to wear clothes that are loose in fitting and the clothes should be two pieces. For the carotid artery disease, you should put on a shirt with buttons and not a turtle neck. For the abdominal aortic aneurysm procedure, you are required to eat four hours before the test. The meal should also be a light one.

While preparing for your screening, there are a few things that you should expect when you get to the Lifeline Screening Center. First, you will be received by warm medical professionals who will also treat you with respect and in a dignified way. You will get served within 90 minutes using state of the art technology. Lastly, your results will be well documented and thoroughly explained to you. The above named are some of the few things to expect as you go for your screening.

The benefit of screening cannot be overlooked nor can it be over emphasized. Research by Dr. Mohsen Chabok of Lifeline Screening has shown that early detection of cardiovascular related signs reduces the mortality rate from myocardial infarction (MI) and stroke by 50%. Thus, the screening is vital in saving lives. Diseases are detected early, making it possible to curb the spread and retreat it where possible. For the incurable diseases, managing them is easier when detected early, thus giving the patient more years to live.

Learn More: www.lifelinescreeningblog.com/

Works Alongside Local Habitat For Humanity

Build or rebuild your finances with a credit building program through NexBank. John Holt, CEO and president, spoke at a recent Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategic Financial Opportunity Conference and mentioned creating integrated technology to introduce real savings options from your paycheck. For example, put your money in a savings account that offers 1.9% interest with NexBank. They understand how important it is for their clients to get the most out of their financial institution to meet th their financial goals. NexBank is centered around personalized, commercial, investment, and small business accounts with 40+ years of expertise.

Your money is guaranteed safe with FDIC insurance and over 40 billion dollars in assets. Make sound financial decisions with over 14,000+ highly trained financial specialist ready to assist you 24 hours a day. A friendly representative is there to walk customers through a newly established account or for details on existing services. Experience features like their first-time home owners program through a combined effort with local based Habitat For Humanity. They guarantee low monthly mortgage payments and interest for low income residents with gainful employment. Visit the NexBank website for more details on opening a new account today and take part in their exclusive personal offers to save.


Rocketship Education Innovates Learning in the Modern Age

Although the advances of Rocketship Education have been monumental as a pioneer in personalized learning, the school is still only in its infancy in terms of what it can accomplish with the community at large. This innovative charter school stresses the importance of technology, encouraging parents to integrate its use at home so that the student can stay engaged and prioritize education in the household. In turn, the progress gives Rocketship lessons of its own.

At the present time, Rocketship Education offers classes for students in the elementary range of Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, with many parents requesting that the impressive system be expanded to include middle school and high school levels. However, Rocketship continues to focus on demand for its current structure and ensuring a quality personal lesson plan for the younger generation.

The school has developed inclusive education for many years, integrating students with disabilities into the general education structure as much as possible. Not only has this method proven to improve the mental acuity of all students, it has also generated a stronger sense of community among students regardless of abilities. Rocketship Education continues to evolve and improve on these same aspects that make it stand out above other more traditional schools.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that is headquartered in Redwood City, California. The entire network is a nonprofit organization with a primary focus of reaching and developing students in underserved communities. Rocketship Education works to accomplish this goal by generating custom lesson plans for its students and ensuring that the educational focus is in line with students’ progress. The organization was first established in 2006 and has been in operation for over a decade.

At its foundation, the system used by Rocketship Education is spearheaded by the teacher and focuses on the individual needs of the student. Using technology and modern learning tools, teachers work with students and develop personalized strategies for overcoming learning obstacles and optimizing the time spent at school. The network also engages parents in the process, using their involvement to advocate stronger community presence and further develop other aspects of the student’s life.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco To Prosperity

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO of Brazilian private bank Bradesco and they are one of the industry’s heavyweights who compete for market leadership in their segment of the national financial picture. Trabuco, as he is called by friends and business associates alike, has led them since he succeeded Márcio Cypriano in 2009. He is well versed in the business culture of Bradesco which has evolved over the years and he has been instrumental in creating portions of it as will be demonstrated.

Trabuco has served in various high-level capacities as he has grown and developed over the years. He is a shining example of their continuity and renewal system that Bradesco has employed in top executive positions. His time spent leading Marketing, Insurance, and Pensions is noteworthy as he has learned a vast array of financial skills over the years which serves him and Bradesco very well.

The position of bank clerk is where Luiz Carlos Trabuco got his start with Bradesco in 1969. For two years he served them in his hometown of Marília, which happens to be the place of Bradesco’s founding. His front line experience as a clerk would give him a unique perspective in later years when he came into high leadership positions.

The University of São Paulo is where Trabuco pursued his higher education and he received a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. It is an anomaly among high ranking executives as most set out on a course that ends with Business or Finance degrees.

A modern sensitivity to business practices was displayed by Trabuco when he initiated a historic reform of Bradesco’s marketing systems. He established for the first time a relationship with the financial press and allowed for publicity efforts. This brought Bradesco up to date with current business norms and helped increase their brand awareness and public exposure.

The CEO position of a major bank like Bradesco comes with a weight of responsibility and Trabuco handles it with grace. Top financial and political figures look for his opinions and statements about finance, banking, and market conditions. Some of the country’s largest financial projects are completed with Bradesco’s help and the decisions put forth by Trabuco are of the greatest importance. This responsibility has been shouldered by him for eight successful years.

Trabuco assumed the responsibilities as Bradesco’s CEO during a challenging time in their history. They had recently lost market leadership to a rival and the Great Financial Crisis was taking its toll in Brazil and the world. Luiz Carlos Trabuco provided a steady hand and helped them through with a renewed focus on customer service and organic growth. However, market leadership was still in the back of his mind and in 2015 he engineered an amazing deal.

Bradesco’s acquisition of the Brazilian branch of HSBC was instrumental for catapulting them back into the fray for market leadership. It was the largest such deal of the year and it earned Trabuco a prestigious award from DINHEIRO. He was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance as a result of this mammoth deal. Bradesco added to their bottom line with one master stroke what would have taken six years of organic growth to achieve.

The mannerisms of Luiz Carlos Trabuco are such that he avoids ostentatious displays of wealth and success. He is soft-spoken and quick with a wide smile to put people at ease. He is also married and the father of three children and has dedicated his working career to Bradesco despite serious talk that he would become Brazil’s finance minister. He has declared his intention to remain with Bradesco as that’s where his heart is.

Visit bradescori.com.br for more details about Luiz Carlos Trabuco.