NuoDB takes SQL databases to the next step in their evolution

SQL databases have some incredible benefits. For more than 30 years, these systems have enabled businesses to track crucial data and analyze the habits of customers and the trends in their markets. This has provided powerful insights to businesses who have been able to avail themselves of these sophisticated systems.

However, legacy SQL databases have had serious drawbacks. For starters, they have oftentimes required entire teams of information technology professionals in order to keep them up and running. In many cases, even the queries themselves could not be completed without having extensive knowledge of how such databases operated. This severely limited the number of users who could practically engage with such systems, leading to a sort of firewall between databases, the analytics that they offered and the end users.

Today, NuoDB has revolutionized the way in which SQL databases are implemented in companies across America. Through the use of cloud computing, NuoDB has created a completely cloud-based SQL databases that enable all the company’s employees to easily interact with the system, making for and easy queries of the entire store of the company’s database.

These systems are revolutionizing the way in which SQL databases are implemented.

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