How Susan McGalla’s Upbringing Helped Her

Susan McGalla was raised in a male dominate household. Growing up in a male dominate household helped Susan later on in life in ways that she would have never imagined. Growing up with her dad and brothers she learned that being a woman does not exclude you from having to do anything that life throws at you. Susan learned to do everything that the men in her life did.

In Susan’s career, she has held several positions in the field of marketing. She eventually moved on and began to work at American Eagle Outfitters. While at American Eagle Susan Worked extremely hard until she reached her ultimate goal of making it to the top. She worked in several management positions until she eventually become the president of the company.

After Susan left American Eagle Outfitters she held several other positions that were high in power. Susan is now the Vice President of Business Strategy with the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is also the Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as well. This is a huge accomplishment, considering that football is a male dominate field.

Today Susan is using her platform of success to encourage other women who are professional to not give up on their on their goals of becoming executives in their profession. Even though businesses who are gender diverse perform better than those business that are not, the percentages of gender diverse businesses are still not raising a lot. Susan encourages women to work hard as a professional. Susan also encourages women to prove themselves by completing tasks that are considered to be managerial tasks, even if they are not a manager. Completing these tasks will prove to management that you have what it takes to be in an executive position. It is also recommended for women to contact a sponsor for their career.

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