Eli Gershkovitch Over Two Decades of Excellence in the Canadian Craft Beer Market

Beer is a staple in Canada and currently the country’s top alcoholic drink. With the increase of microbreweries in the country, Craft beer is slowly overtaking the others. Current statistics show a significant rise in sales and consumption of craft beers across the company. The bigger breweries are also scaling down to cater for the craft beer consumers. In the past, multinationals and larger corporations have taken over microbreweries such as Granville Island and Creemore springs. For the consumer, there is a variety of craft beers to sample. The differences are in the style of brew, flavors, and tastes. Available types include traditional beer, gluten-free beer, spicy beer, and fruity beers. Also distinguished by color, ingredients, and brewing time, craft beer is transforming the beer market in Canada.

Eli Gershkovitch is among the entrepreneurs who have seized the opportunities available in the craft beer market. Eli, a law graduate, purposed to create something that would add value. As a practicing lawyer in Vancouver, he began research on the craft brewery business. Luckily, he had worked with clients who understood the laws and regulations in the industry. With the requisite knowledge and capital, Eli set out to find the ideal location for his microbrewery and pub. Gastown, a heritage in the city, was the perfect spot to kickstart the business. The building identified by Eli was a landmark and had a steam heat system that he would use for brewing.

Before Steamworks officially started operations, Eli faced some challenges including issues with the liquor license moratorium. For him to deal with the problem, there was the need for a referendum. Eli eventually overcame the hurdles, and by 1995, Steamworks was up and running. In the first year, Steamworks created six craft beers.

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Eli focused on scaling up his business to meet demand. The production capacity increased to 15 to 16 beers per year. Presently, the Steamworks pale ale and pilsner are available in liquor stores and retailers across the country. The brew pub’s seating capacity increased to 754 from 184. Eli also opened his other enterprises the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar in the neighboring business. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

Determined to conquer his past successes, Eli Gershkovitch opened a full-scale brewery in 2013. The factory increased production by 20 times. He also expanded his sales territory to other countries including U.S, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Steamworks received various recognitions including the 2016 Open Beer Championships Award.

For Eli, success is about setting goals, working to accomplish them as well as growing as the market evolves. Read this article at westender.com.

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