CryptoCurrency Expert: Ian King

Cryptocurrency is one of the most trending phrase in the recent years, and nearly everyone wants to understand the science behind it. Cryptocurrency is a vital asset in this digital era; it has led to the rise of many online industries and also has stimulated the growth of many businesses. A cryptocurrency is a form of medium exchange that is used to make transactions online. For operations to be safe and secure cryptography which is a form of coded information is employed. Information coding in the new unit creation and verification of asset transfer is also essential. The invention of Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing; it is now comfortable and secure to conduct business transactions online.

Ian King is an entrepreneur who has become popular due to his distinct expertise in cryptocurrency. For the past two decades he has served in different institutions including; Salomon Brothers department of bond trading, Citigroup in credit derivatives sector and Peahi Capital in New York where he spent almost a decade. As a result, he accumulated vast experience and skills in analyzing and trading financial markets.

As King’s career grew, he developed a great passion for virtual asset market. He became committed to providing help to investors on how to go about crypto assets like bitcoin, ripple, and others. Additionally, he also initiated a program to offer guidance to virtual assets investors.

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Ian is currently serving as cryptocurrency editor for Banyan Hill where he offers weekly expertise advice, education and recommendations to crypto adventurers and keeps them to date with the recent developments according to He is also working on a project of producing a virtual course in trading including investment guidance that will provide a better understanding for readers of Banyan Hill.

While he was pursuing Bachelors of Psychology Ian enrolled for an internship in the mid of 90s bull market at Merril Lynch and got fascinated with market trading. He also participated in dot-com stock trading, and he realized that he had interest in trend analysis according to

According to Ian King, market understanding is essential as better oneself knowledge in the psychology of human, and in the market, everything narrows down to the same puzzle of why people do what they do. This question has been the central drive to his investigation in the world of virtual assets trade.

Ian King lives in the city of New York as he continues with his thorough research on cryptocurrency to help investors make the right choices.


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