Securus Technologies Keeping Officers Safe on the Job

My last few years working as a corrections officer have been some of the more challenging. Inmates are getting lengthier sentences in our facility and have no regard for officers anymore because they know those sentences can not be extended further than they are. Even with tighter restrictions on inmates, we are starting to lose ground as they are not getting drugs and contraband easier than any other time, so we are at serious risk of danger any second of any day now.


To that end, my superiors decided that it was time to bring in some resources that would hopefully level this playing field.


If the inmates are in the prison guest center, we have access to a number of scanning devices that will detect anything that should not be on either. If the scanner detects visitors are trying to smuggle in anything, we get it out of circulation before it has a chance to get to the inmates. If we scan the inmates after the meeting and they have anything, we have the chance to get it before it makes it back to their cells. We also added the new jail phone monitoring system by Securus Technologies to our arsenal.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental in making prisons a safer working environment for officers and for keeping violence to a minimum towards anyone that has to be behind those prison walls. Now that we are alerted by the LBS software when an incident on the phone occurs, we can be in a better position to take immediate and swift action.


Case in point, last month we had a serious problem with cocaine being sold but couldn’t find the source. One night an inmate was on the jail phone talking about how the guest needed to be careful with the exchange this week. It was enough to have us monitor them and take down the drugs.


Securus Technologies Creating a Connection between Inmates and Their Family Members

Anyone whose family members, close friends, relatives or any other close acquaintance has been in jail would understand how painful it is to live without them. To get in touch with them, you need to go to the prison, get the permission, complete all the other formalities and finally visit them. After all these lengthy processes, the time duration of the visit is minimal. At this point, when you are at your wit’s end, Securus technologies come to the rescue.


Securus Technologies, a company that is based in Dallas, Texas in the United States, has created a revolution with their innovative concepts in the field of prison telecommunications. The company has simply taken this prison communication technology to the next higher level. It helps to connect the inmates who are confined in prison to their beloved members of the family and their close ones.


With the telephonic service of Securus technologies, you can connect anytime with the people in jail. The service is available 24*7 which is the greatest benefit that the users get. In addition to this, the remote visitation service allows the family members to do a video conferencing with the member in prison. A recent press release from Securus technologies mentioned that the remote video services are immensely popular among the people since it saves the travel time, transportation costs, parking costs and waiting in lines for hours making it a preferable choice for the people.


I realized the usefulness of the services of Securus technologies when one of my closest office colleagues was in jail some time back. He was not living with his family because he had come to work here and I was the only one to support him. The services of Securus technologies allowed me to connect with him on a regular basis and even he was able to stay in touch with his family members from a different country.



Securus Technologies is Providing Security I Never Knew Was Needed

When I think about technology that keeps our prisons and correctional institutions safe, I typically think about the containment aspect of technology such as doors, fences, etc. What I don’t tend to think about is that mobile technology and mobile devices are just as omnipresent in the correctional system as they are in my daily world. I recently red about Securus Technologies, a company that provides, among a very wide array of other things, security technology that aims to keep mobile devices in check in our correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies provides many other services, such as detainee communications, emergency response management and parolee tracking – but their development and deployment of technology involving cell phone use inside correctional facilities is something I never would have thought about, but is so extremely necessary in today’s mobile world. First, apparently there is a large issue with inmates and detainees bringing in or trying to smuggle in cell phones, which are not allowed, or “contraband.” Securus has a technology called Cell Defender that looks for cell phone pings that are contraband among inmates and detainees. Their technology can find these phones and then on top of that, other technologies including their Mobile Defense Technology can both monitor calls that come in and out of those phone lines as well as remotely block them from being able to connect to any WiFi that may be available.


Furthermore, Securus Technologies works with over a million inmates to provide them access to highly monitored phone lines. This is extremely important in a variety of circumstances. An article in PR Newswire outlined a few real case scenarios where that technology was extremely useful. For example, one person wrote in to tell Securus that thanks to their technology they were able to record a call where an inmate was coercing a relative to lie in his trial. That recording was then used as evidence. Also, a cell recording helped a correctional facility track down and arrest a corrupt employee.


For more real examples of how the technology has worked, the full article is here: