Bumble Was Not Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Initial Intention

The journey to the large success of Bumble has started when Whitney Wolfe has decided that she has wanted to set up a social network for women to reach out to each other and give each other support. She did not want it to have anything to do with looks or appearances. However, there was someone who has convinced to set up a dating app. One thing that person saw in Whitney Wolfe Herd is her passion and her energy. Of course, Whitney has refused to take part in the online dating industry because that was not what she was interested in.

One night, Whitney was having a leisurely night out when she has thought about the tradition of dating. One thing she has thought about is what if women were making the first move. Then she has thought about the dating app in which women are enabled and encouraged to make the first move towards men they are interested in. The way this was done was by disabling the men’s account so that they are not able to message any woman until she initiates contact with him. Then he can have a conversation with the person if he chooses.

After coming up with the concept, Whitney Wolfe has met with someone to talk about a good name for the concept. She has finally settled on the name Bumble. Afterwards, she has developed the app until it was ready to be released to the public. After the release, history was made. People have signed up for the app and have experienced the difference between this app and the other apps.

With the success of the app for women, Whitney Wolfe Herd has kept the empowerment of women on her mind and has looked into different ways that she can empower them. This has included bringing forth extensions to her dating app so that women can meet one another as friends. She has also set up an app for business. One thing that she wants people to know is the power of networking. Networking can help people find opportunities that are best suited for them.

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Highland Capital Is Reliable Investment Advisory Firm

Are you a beginner in the business world or investment arena? Do you want to find out how to invest widely or ways to manage your money for successful outcome? Perhaps you have been reading a lot about investing and need an expert to guide you.

Highland Capital is a reputable and reliable investment and financial advisory firm. Highland Capital can advise and guide you properly, to ensure that you make the right choice.

If you want to get proper guidance regarding investing, money management or wealth advisory, it is imperative to enlist the services of a renowned investment advisory firm. That’s where Highland Capital comes in – to provide you with top notch advice and guidance on financial planning, money management and investment startegies that produce significant returns.

Highland Capital has been catereing to a wide variety of clients for years and has the excellent resources and skilled professionals to help you reach your goals. The company’s clients include professionals, corporate executives, organizations and high-profile individuals.

Financial advice and investment revolve around money, and not all individuals have the knowledge to handle these on their own. This means, consulting financial planners and money management experts is an important decision that will certainly be of great benefit to you.

If you get reliable advice on how to manage your money effectively, then you will have peace of mind in knowing that your investment will yield substantial returns. A lot of time is usually spent on decisions about particular investments, investment portfolios, and asset allocation. People often wonder whether to implement their investments with passive or active strategies.

Before getting into any field, including investing, it is a good idea to learn a lot about it and also consult with experts. Knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the field can help you achieve the success you desire.

When you consult with the experts at Highland Capital, you will be required to provide information about your financial situation. These professionals will assess your situation and work closely with you to determine the best investment opportunities for you.

NuoDB takes SQL databases to the next step in their evolution

SQL databases have some incredible benefits. For more than 30 years, these systems have enabled businesses to track crucial data and analyze the habits of customers and the trends in their markets. This has provided powerful insights to businesses who have been able to avail themselves of these sophisticated systems.

However, legacy SQL databases have had serious drawbacks. For starters, they have oftentimes required entire teams of information technology professionals in order to keep them up and running. In many cases, even the queries themselves could not be completed without having extensive knowledge of how such databases operated. This severely limited the number of users who could practically engage with such systems, leading to a sort of firewall between databases, the analytics that they offered and the end users.

Today, NuoDB has revolutionized the way in which SQL databases are implemented in companies across America. Through the use of cloud computing, NuoDB has created a completely cloud-based SQL databases that enable all the company’s employees to easily interact with the system, making for and easy queries of the entire store of the company’s database.

These systems are revolutionizing the way in which SQL databases are implemented.

Cassio Audi Early Music Career

Cassio Audi was once an artist as well as a co-founder member of Viper Rock band. Many people cherished his work of art. He was highly respected. The excerpt shall focus on discussing the early music life of Cassio Audi.
Viper Rock band was well known by many for its rock and pop songs. Cassio Audi joined Viper when he was a teenager, and he had many fans behind him. He had his four other colleagues, who had their particular role to play. Cassio played the role of the band’s drummer. The action in the demo comprised of several items like Princes from hell, nightmares as well as killings which were incorporated in their first album. He was as well a drummer for Projecto as well as Killera in the year 1985.
Soldiers of Sunrise
It was the first album which was released in the year 1987 in Brazil. The production was highly honored by many people all over the world despite English being their second language. They were termed as highly talented people who could do greater things shortly.
Theatre of Fate
It was another album that was the second to be released two years later after the publication of Soldiers of Sunrise. It had powerful and real lyrics to the classical music. It was published in some countries which ended up granting them a greater fame. It was this time that Cassio left the music industry to join University to further his studies.
Cassio Audi was a highly prolific musician in Brazil. People cherished his work of art. Many people got inspired by his work. His colleagues have succeeded more through his good idea.

Your Unlimited Growth Potential

When providing a service, it’s evident that there is a direct correlation between a company’s customer base and profits and losses. Scaling a business is an integral portion to ensuring success; whether seeking to fund new ideas or general growth, engagement is an essential driver. To scale out horizontally, there needs to be a support of transactional consistency and constant maintenance for stiff SQLs, which unfortunately limit the growth of a business. NuoDB’s solution: an elastic SQL database that provides the platform for future growth, saving hundreds of man hours.

Time is money. This is a fact that NuoDB is cognizant of. Their elastic SQL cloud database efficiently allows business owners to get their products out to market much faster than traditional SQLs. That is what effectively increases profit. Many software vendors and e-commerce companies rely on NuoDB because they understand cloud applications offer a continuous availability, and with that continuous availability, their scaling potential is truly limitless. If you already know you need to scale, then you already know you need NuoDB.

Talks Energy Strikes History

Oil sweet oil has come up from a well dug in the Gulf of Mexico by a group of private companies. This might not be newsworthy if it were not for the fact that the Gulf has not been an area open to private companies for nearly 80 years. Mexico has long ago nationalized its oil industry and only permitted the state-run oil company to drill there.

A deal was struck with Talos Energy along with two other private companies to allow them to dig oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Zama-1 is the name of the well that they are using, and Talos Energy has announced that they have made a significant find in the area.

An even better piece of news for Talos and its partners is that the oil field that they are operating in is now believed to have more oil in it than originally believed. While some early estimates pegged the amount of oil between 100 and 500 million barrels, the company now believes that there could be as many as 2 billion barrels down there.

This is the first sign of success of the energy reform that is currently taking place in Mexico. That reform has everything to do with letting the private companies come in and explore. It may help lead to calls for more projects like this. In fact, the old way of doing oil business in Mexico may well be headed for the dustbin of history.

Talos has put out a statement talking about how proud they are of their skilled employees in the area and touting how excited they are about the developments that are currently taking place down in the Gulf. Talos has a 35% stake in the Zama-1 oil well and therefore is very happy with how their investment has done so far.

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Look up in the cloud, it’s NuoDB leading the way

Founded in 2008, NuoDB is a leader in the database technology industry. The Cambridge, Massachusetts based company boasts a high-level client list that includes the United Arab Emirates Exchange, Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and Dassault Systemes among many others.

Software executive Barry S. Morris and database architect and innovator Jim Starkey founded the company original as NimbusDB before going though a name change in 2011. By 2014, Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech named NuoDB as a 2014 Innovation All-Star. NuoDB set itself apart from the competition with Starkey’s invention of the elastically scalable database.

More recently in 2015, Morris became NuoDB’s Executive Chairman after starting as the first CEO. Bob Walmsley, who was the Vice President of Sales and Services, got the promotion to CEO and currently serves in that role. The changes helped raise $17 million dollars of investments in 2016 giving NuoDB a total of $59.7 million at its disposal.

Today, NuoDB’s 85 employees stand by the motto, “Build a database to power – and empower – today’s business-critical cloud applications.” With a long history of innovation, NuoDB continues to focus on delivering adaptable and smart databases to satisfy the requirements of the software companies and ultimately the general public.

Omar Yunes Starting a Business

Many people today are interested in starting their own business. Although this journey has a lot of rewards for people who work hard, it is also a difficult task to take on. Omar Yunes has done a great job starting a company from the ground up and having financial success. Looking at his business, you can learn a lot of great lessons to apply in your own life.

Omar Yunes

From the time he started out in business, Omar Yunes has always wanted to add value to customers. There are a lot of people who look up to the ideas that he has. When he first started his company, there were a lot of issues that he had to deal with. Not only did he have a lot of customers to serve, but he lacked the capital needed to scale up his business quickly. Over time, he was able to grow his business with healthy cash flow and strong sales from new clients.


For any new company, marketing is an essential element of having success. Many business owners struggle to bring in new clients for a variety of reasons. One of the most important aspects of this process is learning what customers want. Knowing your core customer is essential to business success.

Financial Planning

Running a business is always difficult from a financial perspective. This is especially true in the beginning when capital is low. Every business owner must make decisions on what to prioritize in their business.

Omar Yunes always focused on product quality when starting out. He realized that he had to make a good first impression in the beginning in order to attract new customers over time. He is having success in his company today because of this commitment in the beginning. Anyone who wants to run their own business should look at the example he has set for inspiration.

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