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Wall Street can often have an arrogant attitude. Investors often deem the market as unstoppable. With a sell off earlier this month in the technology sector some seasoned investors are feeling nervous. This change in the stock market can create a choppy market for the summer months. It is not unusual to experience low volume summer months in the stock market.

The Lock and Walk strategy is common during choppy markets. While past results are not indicitive of future results, it is a relatively easy concept to embrace. The Lock and Walk is a do it yourself market strategy where an investor buys near support and sell near resistance. If the support breaks then they stop out. The drawback to the Lock and Walk strategy is if there are 67 basis points in gains then it will shut down until the next trading session.

For those who are looking to invest but not ready for the dramatics of wall street there are other options. Many people can feel intimidated by the stock market and not know where to start. These average people looking to invest require education and basic training on how the markets work and would benefit from online support. Average people who want to become financially independent and continually profitable in stock market trading would benefit from a trading education system such at NetPicks. For further reference,  check this.

NetPicks main focus is in helping every day traders to achieve success in the stock markets. Click on for additional reading.  NetPicks was founded in 1998 and provides education in online trading as well as Stocks, Options & ETFs in day and swing trading. Mark Soberman founded NetPicks and is headquartered in Irving, Texas. NetPicks has over 17 years of offering education for training and more the 25 years of personal trading experience. They employ a full staff of professional traders who assist new traders with their stock market journey. NetPicks features a stock market trading system, futures trading system, Forex trading system and an Options trading system.  For feedbacks and more, hit on

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