How Rocketship Education is Helping Underprivileged Kids

Rocketship Education is a string of public charter schools headquartered in Redwood, California, which was started in 2007 to primarily serve underprivileged students by offering them access to excellent schools. These schools engage parents and the community in empowering teachers. The secret of these schools success lies in their ability to personalize learning according to individual student needs, while engaging parents to minimize the achievement gap. At Rocketship, children get access to the best approaches to education, while also learning activities such as music, art, games, and exercises. It is interesting how these charter school harness technology to improve the teaching quality. It is, therefore, not strange to find grade three students at Rocketship focused on their mini-laptops for two hours, with headphones and their eyes fixed to the screens either reading online books or practicing math exercises online. The school’s innovative approach promises a rigorous curriculum that involves online work to help disadvantaged children catch up with their better-off peers.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Rocketship Education is the relation it builds with parents. The school system realizes that parent-teacher understanding and cooperation is sure to give students the focus to succeed. These charter schools let parents interview candidates who wish to teach their kids. Sometimes, a few parents participate in the interviewing and hiring process while at times, during community meetings, parents interrogate candidates before settling on the best. Parents feel relaxed if they get to scrutinize whoever is going to be working with their kid and their personality firsthand. Furthermore, the schools are named by and for the parents, thereby reflecting the values of the community and the vision they have for their school. The school system is committed to the growth of everyone from students to teachers to parents.

Rocketship is possibly the most successful provider of online learning services in the United States. This has seen the charter schools receive donations worth millions of dollars from the Obama administration, former Tennis star, Andre Agassi, who is passionate about the schools, and even the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Many parents are moving their kids to these schools, and some are also proposing starting a similar school in their communities.