Drew Madden Iconic Impact to the IT Healthcare

Drew Madden has been a person who name has turned to be iconic not only to the healthcare sector rather to the entrepreneurship sector. He is a person who has proven to be beyond the normal role of an entrepreneur by bringing new technology in the health sector.

The efficiency of how information is relayed and also stored electronically is critical in the healthcare facility. Through the various technological advances that have been experienced in the current epoch, Drew Madden has been on the forefront in solving the IT problems in the healthcare facility. It should be noted that more efficient electronic gadgets are required to ensure that the information of a patient is stored without manipulation to ensure the proper treatment required.

Drew Madden as a graduate in the medical field from the Lowa University understands the information requirements of a healthcare facility critically. He thus used the knowledge to bring up new innovation in the management information systems of the health sectors. He has continuously applied innovation in the technology sector that ensures production of new electronic gadgets. He ensures that is compatible with the former electronic systems to ensure that no patient information is lost through the upgrading of the informational system.

One of the innovations that Drew Madden has contributed to the healthcare IT is the use of touchscreen tablets. The tablets have been on the forefront in bringing the efficiency of communication between the doctors within different facilities. It has enabled the doctors to access the information of their patients by just a touch of the tablet. It is one of the innovations that has been incorporated in most of the facilities in the United States of America.

Drew Madden has studied both the medical systems and also the medical business. He was employed at the Nordic Consulting at the time the firm was in the blink of collapsing. He has used his entrepreneurial expertise to ensure that the firm thrives in the medical system market and the revenues of the firm have risen to more than one hundred million dollars annually. Drew Madden has proven to be an icon in the medical system field.