George Soros and Global Politics

George Soros is the founder and chairman of Open Society Foundations. The group is composed of various foundations, players, and projects in different countries around the world. He is one of the most prominent philanthropists in the world, having donated more than $12 billion to date.

Early Life

Soros was born in Hungary around 86 years ago. He survived the Nazi’s atrocities on the Jews in Hungary and other European countries. After the end of the WWII, he went to live in London in 1947. He joined the London School of Economics and did odd jobs such as a railway porter and waiter to finance his education. In 1956, he went to the United States, joined the financial investment sector where he made his fortune.

After several years, he founded Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund, in 1970. This is the company that helped him become one of the greatest investors in America. He once said that he has become more self-reliant than most people because of his financial success.

Philanthropic Activities

Soros has provided financial assistance to various groups for a long time. In 1979, he gave scholarships to several black students in the then apartheid South Africa. To support the exchange of ideas during the Cold War in eastern Europe in the 1980s, he donated photocopiers to help reprint outlawed texts. He also started Central European University to enhance critical thinking in countries previously under communism. He has participated in other philanthropic activities in support of democracy and openness in America, Africa, and Asia.

Why George Soros Has Attracted Harsh Criticism from the Right

The right views Soros philanthropy and support of democratic activities as a way of financing liberal protest movements and controlling the global wealth. They view him as an evil person, something they cannot prove. The left, on the other hand, views him as a person who supports their beliefs and values and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros and Politics

Soros has participated in politics for a long time, but he made headlines 2004 after financing groups against the reelection of President George W. Bush. He openly criticized the Iraq War, and this attracted the wrath from the right. He has since continued to support groups fighting for democratic reforms in America beyond.

Right Wing Billionaires’ Role in Politics

The decision by Soros to spend his money on things he believes in is comparable to the activities of the right-wing billionaires such as Charles and David Koch. They have for a long time financed the Republican Party. It is therefore unfair to criticize Soros as other right-wing billionaires are also active and more information click here.

But Why Soros?

The claims from the right that Soros has his plans and secrecies are unfounded as OSF is open about its involvement in social justice. The group has supported democracy around the world. Others like the University of Florida law professor, Mark Fenster blames it on racism and Follow him