Eric Pulier Is An Amazing Human Being With True Vision And Heart

The sector of technology has been highly influenced by Eric Pulier and numerous well known publications have printed his articles. This makes it hard to believe his very first job was working at a convenience store on a part time basis while going to high school. Once his application was accepted by Harvard University his future became more certain. He took courses in different types of literature technology and graduated in 1988.

It only took Eric Pulier three years after graduation before he founded his first company. The company focused on new technology in the medical field and he called it People Doing Things. As his career proceeded he founded additional businesses including MediaPlatform, Akana, Desktone, and U.S. Media Interactive. His companies managed to attract quite a few investors.

The reason Eric Pulier was looking for financial success was for more than his own future. He has the desire to help other individuals and his works often reflects this passion. He has put his heart into charitable efforts that have helped children dealing with long term illness. When he started Starbright World in the 1990’s it was to again provide help for these children. His efforts helped them feel like they were not alone in the world. He also sponsors other organizations including a summer camp referred to as the Painted Turtle and the XPrize Foundation.

Some of the most famous periodicals in the world like the Harvard Crimson and Forbes have honored Eric Pulier by publishing his articles. He was one of the co-authors for the book Understanding Enterprise SOA in 2006. He teamed with Hugh Taylor to create 280 pages explaining service oriented architecture with vivid descriptions. The readers of the book gave Eric Pulier incredibly positive reviews. For more info about us: click here.

Eric Pulier currently lives in Los Angeles, California and is the proud father of four children. He still makes the time to help charities and kids. His newest startup was in the beginning of 2017 with vAtomic Systems. The company focuses on tracking digital products and is already having a profound influence on the way business is conducted on the internet.