Students Broaden Expectations for Teachers within Success Academy and Increase Learning Momentum

This most recent lottery pool for Success Academy resulted in 17,000 applicants for the charter school. As predicted, parents in the state of New York continually see Success Academy as a great choice for their children to receive an education that will prepare them for building a foundation and propel them toward a bright future.


Success Academy has committed to opening a new charter in the Bronx. The new school will fulfill 1,200 seats for the new Success Academy High School of Liberal Arts.


When Success Academy first opened its doors to students in 2006, there was a heightened expectation on the school to set a standard. The charter network has raised that standard each year. Two decades later, Success Academy ranks in the top one percent within mathematics and within English. With 41 charter schools now open, that statistic is astounding. From the beginning, Success Academy set out on a path to become a world-class school system and become a beacon of light for students achieving an education that provides the tools to reach their highest potential.


Students of the charter have a greater expectation of their performance, not only because teachers instill the confidence in them to believe in what they can achieve, but because of an environment that encourages positive fore-thought with their learning. All students receive the support from teachers who hold them accountable, but teachers also engage at a level that provides assurance to students that they’re committed to their education. Teachers show a professional responsibility to their educational curriculum, while making sure they guide each student’s individual performance potential.


The students of Success Academy continue to out-perform their peers within the state of New York because of a support system that remains committed to their education as well as their well-being. Success Academy students are gaining more than an education; they’re gaining fortitude to build a foundation to live an extraordinary life beyond K-through 12.


Success Academy continues to reach higher for inventive teaching standards, and the high-achieving students continue to broaden expectations for learning within a supportive and nurturing environment.