Why You Should Prefer Investing In UKV PLC to Stock Markets

A wise investor in the wine industry knows that investing in valuable wine brands is priceless. Investing in valuable brands such as United Kingdom’s UKV PLC wines great idea that any wise wine connoisseur would want to try. UKV PLC has a group of consultants who advise you on, which wines have higher returns for you to make an informed decision.

UKV PLC consultants advise you to store your wine collection for at least five years. According to these experts, if you want to reap a considerable fortune from the wine business, one should start investing at their 20s or 30s. UKV PLC also offers its clients with complementary valuation whenever needed.

High Returns

Investing in UKV PLC products guarantees you a 12 to 15 percent return on investment. However, this profit margin only holds when you invest in superior brands. Moreover, you are safe from any uncertainties as the UK-based firm offers full insurance cover for your wine collection.

Favorable Brexit

Contrary to majority expectations, Brexit has been so beneficial to UKV PLC. Wine investments increased by over 20 percent. This assures investors that the brand is stable even in times of drastic changes, which is contrary to the stock market where prices reduce during unfavorable market climates.

Wine Will Always Be On Demand

Wine doesn’t go out of style or favor. It is evident that wines have remained to be great drinks since the ancient times. It is, therefore, never late to invest in UKV PLC wine products as they will continue to be valuable years later.

What Wines Does UKV PLC Carry?

UKV PLC carries an excellent selection of high grade wine. Their brands are produced from some of the famous vineyards located in various European countries such as France and Italy. Some of the famous wines they carry include Champagne, Loire, Burgundy, and Bordeaux.


UKV PLC is a Croydon, Surrey-headquartered wine investment company. The company has a team of dedicated wine consultants who advise their clients on wine and champagne investments.

UKV PLC is very active in social media. Through their Facebook page, UKV PLC and Twitter handle, @Ukvplc, the firm enlightens their followers on benefits of investing in the wine business as well as introducing their new labels.