Securus Technologies Keeping Officers Safe on the Job

My last few years working as a corrections officer have been some of the more challenging. Inmates are getting lengthier sentences in our facility and have no regard for officers anymore because they know those sentences can not be extended further than they are. Even with tighter restrictions on inmates, we are starting to lose ground as they are not getting drugs and contraband easier than any other time, so we are at serious risk of danger any second of any day now.


To that end, my superiors decided that it was time to bring in some resources that would hopefully level this playing field.


If the inmates are in the prison guest center, we have access to a number of scanning devices that will detect anything that should not be on either. If the scanner detects visitors are trying to smuggle in anything, we get it out of circulation before it has a chance to get to the inmates. If we scan the inmates after the meeting and they have anything, we have the chance to get it before it makes it back to their cells. We also added the new jail phone monitoring system by Securus Technologies to our arsenal.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental in making prisons a safer working environment for officers and for keeping violence to a minimum towards anyone that has to be behind those prison walls. Now that we are alerted by the LBS software when an incident on the phone occurs, we can be in a better position to take immediate and swift action.


Case in point, last month we had a serious problem with cocaine being sold but couldn’t find the source. One night an inmate was on the jail phone talking about how the guest needed to be careful with the exchange this week. It was enough to have us monitor them and take down the drugs.


ClassDojo – An instant communication app for parents, teachers, and students.

ClassDojo is an application used by parents, students, and teachers to exchange files and messages in, video and audio formats, and also text messages. The application has manifested to be a major necessity used to pass information consistently about student’s academic, social life, and activities at school resulting in a general development in student’s conduct. ClassDojo app allows students to earn dojo points whenever they depict exceptional attributes. In the current world which is technologically advanced, ClassDojo communication app has acted as an alternative of the class reward jar. Some of the reasons that made ClassDojo app adopted by teachers and parents as their management tool in classroom include:

Sharing of Data

The ClassDojo is currently used by both teachers and parents as a data sharing app. The application enables teachers to keep track of the records of the activities performed by students in a classroom. This is possible by the app’s ability to record the various behaviors clicked by the users of the app. Teachers can track records of behaviors clicked on by students, and send the reports of the behaviors to parents via email. This keeps parents furnished on the relevant information regarding their children.

Bettering the student’s behavior and the organization

The app assists students in setting up and organizing their classes. The ClassDojo app uses distinct avatars to arrange different classes assigned to a student. This then allows teachers to award a student, or students working in groups with points which are either positive or negative. Students can get an immediate update of the points awarded to them once an avatar assigned to them is clicked.

Time Efficient

Class Dojo app records the conducts and achievements of the students in a single click on the app thus saving teacher’s lot of time in classrooms. This is so because teachers are also saved the time of keeping tabs by putting check marks on the list of students on the board.

Instant Messaging

With the ClassDojo app, teachers and parents can both exchange instantly important messages and notices. As a result, the app has made information exchange between teachers, students and parents smooth and continuous without any hindrances. ClassDojo app has also increased parental connection with their children activities while they are at school.