Entrepreneur Mike Baur Helps Other Entrepreneurs Succeed

Entrepreneurs seeking the training and guidance needed to get their new startup business up and running are wise to check out the Swiss Startup Factory.


The Swiss Startup Factory has been doing exactly that for entrepreneurs. Businessman and entrepreneur Mr. Mike Baur is a co-founder and managing partner of the company. He is of Swiss descant and the company operates out of Zurich, Switzerland. Mike has an extensive business and financial background.


Mike schooled at the University of Bern and also studied at the University of Rochester. In the early days of his career, Mike worked in banking. For over 20 years, he was employed at major Swiss banks including UBS and Zurich based Clariden Leu. As a young man he apprenticed at the Union Bank of Switzerland. He achieved great success in his years as investment advisor end other executive roles. However, despite his success in banking, Mike got tired of the structured, red tape industry. He had other plans for his future, and decided to quit his job to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. In Mike’s case, that is his interest in start up companies. With his knowledge and all of his business savvy, he begin to invest in start ups. This led to the beginning of the Swiss Start Up Factory. The company is the creation of Mike Baur and two other men, co-founders Mr. Max Meister and Mr. Oliver Walzer.


The Swiss Start Up Factory invests in tech start up companies. As investors they will raise funds for start ups with potential and help guide them to success. The company recruits and employs high profile professionals who have achieved great success in their fields of endeavor.


Mike and the team at the Swiss Start Up Factory assists new entrepreneurs in numerous ways. They act as mentors. Mike’s work at mentoring and training has proven invaluable to many new business owners of tech start up companies. This will include teaching the owners how to obtain funds they have raised on their own.


Additionally, Mike and the Swiss Start Up Factory provides financial assistance to entrepreneurs. Their unique and ongoing marketing end other efforts of fundraising attract investor interest. Their media exposure is expertly handled by a team of high profile professionals. The funds raised will assist the entrepreneurs get started. For instance, they may receive up to three months of rent paid for office space in the Zurich area as well as Mike’s mentoring and training for three months.


Mike Baur is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed.


Louis Chenevert Successful Business Leader with Years of Experience in the Aviation Industry

Louis Chenevert has had a very successful career in the corporate circle of the United States and has worked at some of the most prominent companies in the country, holding prominent positions. Louis Chenevert worked formerly at Pratt and Whitney Canada as President and the United Technologies Corporations as the CEO. In both these positions, Louis Chenevert was known to make some very crucial decisions and bought changes as a leader in company’s management that helped the corporation immensely in the future. Having done graduation in Production Management from the well known HEC Montreal, University of Montreal, he is well-qualified to take on various executive roles with confidence. Visit Bloomberg.com to know more.

Due to the tremendous achievement of Louis Chenevert over the years, he received an honorary doctorate from the same college he did his graduation, HEC Montreal, in 2011. In the very same year, Louis Chenevert was also named the Person of the Year by a very famous trade magazine in the United States titled Aviation Week and Space Technology. In the early days, Louis Chenevert worked for Pratt and Whitney Canada, a job that he carried on for the next six years until 1999 when he was named the President of Pratt and Whitney. He held the position of President at Pratt and Whitney for seven years during which he made a tremendous contribution to the company and guided its way to the success, ensuring that the company does well and its market reach extends further. In 2006, Louis Chenevert became the CEO and Chairman of the United Technologies Corp. Visit utc.com to know more about Louis Chenevert.

Under the supervision of Louis Chenevert, UTC became a global company that pioneered in two major fields, aerospace and building. He cared for the employees of the company, and even during the tough financial times with volatile markets, Louis Chenevert ensured that the workers were not sacked. One of his primary focuses during his tenure at both UTC and Pratt and Whitney was research and development. He assured that the company continues to build new products and upgrade the existing ones to fit into the requirements of the customers and to keep the company at the top of the industry.


Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Link Between The IFC and PPP

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marcelo Crivella, has bold plans for his administration. Mayor Crivella plans to create thousands of new day care centers and preschools. In order to accomplish this goal, Mayor Crivella is seeking the help of a Public Private Partnership, which will help carry out the construction of the day care centers and preschools. The PPP will also help with the maintenance and educational equipment services. Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Projects Specialist, says that the PPP is in its early stages.

The idea behind this partnership is based on the original PPP of schools in Belo Horizonte. Those who helped with Crivella’s government program are familiar with the PPP. Crivella is committed to the education sector. Crivella says that the PPP means that the private partner will be responsible for the maintenance of the Infant Education Units. City Hall is responsible for the school lunch. This is based on the model in Belo Horizonte.

The International Finance Corporation provides consulting services for different projects. Montero Jens believes that the IFC is the largest development institution in the World. The IFC will provide consulting to help open the public lighting PPP. The IFC says that they use their resources and creative thinking to help their partners with any challenge that may arise. The IFC is a member of the World Bank Group.

Public Private Partnerships are seen as a great government alternative to build resources through public services. Montoro Jens says that all contracts must be signed by different public administration officials, and private companies that oversee the development of public goods and services.

Eli Gershkovitch Over Two Decades of Excellence in the Canadian Craft Beer Market

Beer is a staple in Canada and currently the country’s top alcoholic drink. With the increase of microbreweries in the country, Craft beer is slowly overtaking the others. Current statistics show a significant rise in sales and consumption of craft beers across the company. The bigger breweries are also scaling down to cater for the craft beer consumers. In the past, multinationals and larger corporations have taken over microbreweries such as Granville Island and Creemore springs. For the consumer, there is a variety of craft beers to sample. The differences are in the style of brew, flavors, and tastes. Available types include traditional beer, gluten-free beer, spicy beer, and fruity beers. Also distinguished by color, ingredients, and brewing time, craft beer is transforming the beer market in Canada.

Eli Gershkovitch is among the entrepreneurs who have seized the opportunities available in the craft beer market. Eli, a law graduate, purposed to create something that would add value. As a practicing lawyer in Vancouver, he began research on the craft brewery business. Luckily, he had worked with clients who understood the laws and regulations in the industry. With the requisite knowledge and capital, Eli set out to find the ideal location for his microbrewery and pub. Gastown, a heritage in the city, was the perfect spot to kickstart the business. The building identified by Eli was a landmark and had a steam heat system that he would use for brewing.

Before Steamworks officially started operations, Eli faced some challenges including issues with the liquor license moratorium. For him to deal with the problem, there was the need for a referendum. Eli eventually overcame the hurdles, and by 1995, Steamworks was up and running. In the first year, Steamworks created six craft beers.

Read: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eli-gershkovitch#/entity

Eli focused on scaling up his business to meet demand. The production capacity increased to 15 to 16 beers per year. Presently, the Steamworks pale ale and pilsner are available in liquor stores and retailers across the country. The brew pub’s seating capacity increased to 754 from 184. Eli also opened his other enterprises the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar in the neighboring business. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

Determined to conquer his past successes, Eli Gershkovitch opened a full-scale brewery in 2013. The factory increased production by 20 times. He also expanded his sales territory to other countries including U.S, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Steamworks received various recognitions including the 2016 Open Beer Championships Award.

For Eli, success is about setting goals, working to accomplish them as well as growing as the market evolves. Read this article at westender.com.