Works Alongside Local Habitat For Humanity

Build or rebuild your finances with a credit building program through NexBank. John Holt, CEO and president, spoke at a recent Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategic Financial Opportunity Conference and mentioned creating integrated technology to introduce real savings options from your paycheck. For example, put your money in a savings account that offers 1.9% interest with NexBank. They understand how important it is for their clients to get the most out of their financial institution to meet th their financial goals. NexBank is centered around personalized, commercial, investment, and small business accounts with 40+ years of expertise.

Your money is guaranteed safe with FDIC insurance and over 40 billion dollars in assets. Make sound financial decisions with over 14,000+ highly trained financial specialist ready to assist you 24 hours a day. A friendly representative is there to walk customers through a newly established account or for details on existing services. Experience features like their first-time home owners program through a combined effort with local based Habitat For Humanity. They guarantee low monthly mortgage payments and interest for low income residents with gainful employment. Visit the NexBank website for more details on opening a new account today and take part in their exclusive personal offers to save.


Madison Street Capital is growing its scope through in Corporate Financing

Madison Street Capital is well known in the financial industry for its services. They are well experienced and full of integrity in Corporate Finance. Madison which began in Chicago is a firm dealing with providing solutions to the needs in investment banking on an international level. Madison focusses on giving the best outcome through connecting buyers and sellers, creating structures for difficult projects and also giving well-designed exit processes. They have created a name for themselves through leading in compliance of taxes, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and advising on placements among others. Learn more:

With their offices in different countries such as Ghana, India, Oregon, and Chicago, Madison has earned itself high-end clients such as the Bond Medical Group and Fiber Science among others. They use analysis and their knowledge to give solutions on corporate finance matters such as reporting, allocation and management of assets and valuation of a business. Madison has a different department that aims towards the planning of taxes and the preservation of wealth through investing. Clients trust the decisions of Madison because of their repeated and ongoing good track record.

DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group were merging recently and Madison Street Capital was in charge of the financial advice. DCG Software Value provides support for projects, value management and estimation of software services while the Spitfire Group has well-defined technology that helps solve problems related to projects, technology and also assists in developing customized projects. The merging of this two companies was a win-win situation for both as they would better their scope and quality of services. Leaders in both of these companies congratulated and acknowledged the good work that Madison Street Capital had done for them during this process. Madison has also earned itself a couple of Merging and Acquisition Advisor Awards. They also have earned a good reputation for working diligently with the ARES Security Corporation and the WLR Automotive Group among others which can be found on

Madison has also been known to have a keen eye in hedge funds for merging and acquisitions, M&A. In 2015 alone 42 M&A transactions were carried out by Madison Street Capital. This showed an increase in transactions by 27% from the previous year ( of upcoming mergers and acquisitions and the performance of investments, the experts at Madison are able to predict the hedge fund capabilities. The predictions are an essential part of tracking returns and cash flows of the hedge funds.

Madison ensures that their employees are well-trained professionals and experts in their work. This has shown fruit through the numerous congratulatory notes, both private and public, from the companies they serve. A good example is when the co-founder of Madison Street Capital was named, for his commitment on, at the recognition program for the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.