Cassio Audi Early Music Career

Cassio Audi was once an artist as well as a co-founder member of Viper Rock band. Many people cherished his work of art. He was highly respected. The excerpt shall focus on discussing the early music life of Cassio Audi.
Viper Rock band was well known by many for its rock and pop songs. Cassio Audi joined Viper when he was a teenager, and he had many fans behind him. He had his four other colleagues, who had their particular role to play. Cassio played the role of the band’s drummer. The action in the demo comprised of several items like Princes from hell, nightmares as well as killings which were incorporated in their first album. He was as well a drummer for Projecto as well as Killera in the year 1985.
Soldiers of Sunrise
It was the first album which was released in the year 1987 in Brazil. The production was highly honored by many people all over the world despite English being their second language. They were termed as highly talented people who could do greater things shortly.
Theatre of Fate
It was another album that was the second to be released two years later after the publication of Soldiers of Sunrise. It had powerful and real lyrics to the classical music. It was published in some countries which ended up granting them a greater fame. It was this time that Cassio left the music industry to join University to further his studies.
Cassio Audi was a highly prolific musician in Brazil. People cherished his work of art. Many people got inspired by his work. His colleagues have succeeded more through his good idea.

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