Barbara Stokes Runs a Business That Grows

Green Structure Homes of Alabama, a business based in Huntsville, recently announce the creation of new jobs in no less than eight states. Barbara Stokes, as the CEO of GSH, and her husband, Carl Stokes as the COO of the same, said that new expansions will create new jobs in eight states. The original business model of GSH is that of disaster relief. They provide modular homes as disaster relief after such events as hurricanes and other natural disasters.

One of the more interesting aspects of the disaster relief field is that it is not a conventional business, and the business model itself needs panning ahead of time for events that con not be foreseen. Read this article at

Teaming with government agencies such as FEMA and other disaster management organizations takes a particular skill among business interpreters, and Barbara Stokes has shown a unique, almost uncanny ability to grow such a strong business in uncertain times at best.

Since traditional, conventional business planning strategies will not work in this atypical sector, other, more useful strategies need to be developed. This is where the CEO, Barbara Stokes has shown a unique understanding and capacity to grow this business in such an atmosphere, one that at time can seem to be downright hostile to regular business growth.


She took control of the overall strategy of the business, and proved herself in working with governmental contracting and expanding GSH’s role in development of alternative methods of providing disaster relief. Thus, the business grew in times of business contraction for the rest of the sector. This is no happenstance occurrence; it is solely due to the strategy and business plan directly attributable to Barbara Stokes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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