Avaaz strives to find solutions for victims by employing various campaign tactics

Being a victim of different life challenges that are beyond one`s control can be frustrating as the world seems cruel. Avaaz organization however shows support to the victims online and offline to ensure that the issues are addressed. Avaaz is a civic right organization that seeks to correct the inhuman nature that life’s challenges have rubbed in cruel people.


Avaaz organization incorporates various means to address the issues including organizing events, funding media campaigns etc. Depending on the nature of the problem Avaaz adopts the most suitable tactic to voice out their concerns and the solutions in accordance to the law and in favor of the victim as advised by a team of specialists. This has ensured successful campaigns over the years.

Online solutions

The organization has run successful campaigns against harsh political views, discrimination refugees and against health organizations in against in the past. This was to demand for justice and offer solutions for instance when a campaign was run against president Donald Trump Avaaz produced software to make overseas voter registration easier.

Funds for the organization

Apart from the startup costs Avaaz has been able to win the hearts of very many people who have given generous donations that have been sufficient despite setting the limit to a single donation. This has also helped build the trust across the world for it an able organization. Avaaz is definitely leaning towards educating societies on the benefits of having human right. The organization continues to thrive in excellence. For Avaaz, it is all about ensuring that citizens are safe.


The organization was founded in 2007 and operates in many countries around the world. The work is commendable because of the diversity in finding solutions and the criteria of employing experts to play various roles and more information click here.

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