Look up in the cloud, it’s NuoDB leading the way

Founded in 2008, NuoDB is a leader in the database technology industry. The Cambridge, Massachusetts based company boasts a high-level client list that includes the United Arab Emirates Exchange, Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and Dassault Systemes among many others.

Software executive Barry S. Morris and database architect and innovator Jim Starkey founded the company original as NimbusDB before going though a name change in 2011. By 2014, Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech named NuoDB as a 2014 Innovation All-Star. NuoDB set itself apart from the competition with Starkey’s invention of the elastically scalable database.

More recently in 2015, Morris became NuoDB’s Executive Chairman after starting as the first CEO. Bob Walmsley, who was the Vice President of Sales and Services, got the promotion to CEO and currently serves in that role. The changes helped raise $17 million dollars of investments in 2016 giving NuoDB a total of $59.7 million at its disposal.

Today, NuoDB’s 85 employees stand by the motto, “Build a database to power – and empower – today’s business-critical cloud applications.” With a long history of innovation, NuoDB continues to focus on delivering adaptable and smart databases to satisfy the requirements of the software companies and ultimately the general public.

Dr. Clay Siegall, the force behind Seattle Genetic’s milestone

The holder of a zoology degree from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University, Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. The latter is a Seattle-based biotech organization that deals in developing of specific therapy medicines for ailment types that have not faced significant mortality progress in decades.

Dr. Siegall has led the company to be one of the important treatment industry around the globe since its commissioning in 1998. For instance, the development of the FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate has a various approved indications and creation of a robust pipeline for not less than 20 drugs, in addition to many strategic partnerships with manufacturers of drugs such as Genentech, Bayer among many others.

The tenure of Dr. Siegall in leadership has seen Seattle Genetics grow from a small startup with a limited number of researchers to a sound player in the cancer research arena. Moreover, Dr. Siegall has an ambitious plan for the firm’s future success. Settle genetics is in a better position towards the 21st-century drug development industry given its ever-increasing list of medication in the advancement pipeline and mushrooming number of prospective indications for the Seattle Genetic’s existing drug collection.

Dr. Clays boasts of the following; his interest in medicine, the robust nature of technology and reason to triumph over disease as his tipping point towards venturing into the field of research in cancer. His interest began during his early days while studying zoology at the University of Maryland. Money was not the primary source of motivation, but an ingredient that supported him with the constraints he was experiencing with Bristol.

Seattle Genetics make money through various channels. The obvious way is through the sale of their drugs. Besides, substantial income is generated from production joint ventures and licensing of the technologies they have developed.

As a matter of fact, Seattle Genetics has grown up to become one of a significant entity that much needed around the world. Thanks to the great minds of individuals like Dr. Clay who is the force behind this milestone.


Students Broaden Expectations for Teachers within Success Academy and Increase Learning Momentum

This most recent lottery pool for Success Academy resulted in 17,000 applicants for the charter school. As predicted, parents in the state of New York continually see Success Academy as a great choice for their children to receive an education that will prepare them for building a foundation and propel them toward a bright future.


Success Academy has committed to opening a new charter in the Bronx. The new school will fulfill 1,200 seats for the new Success Academy High School of Liberal Arts.


When Success Academy first opened its doors to students in 2006, there was a heightened expectation on the school to set a standard. The charter network has raised that standard each year. Two decades later, Success Academy ranks in the top one percent within mathematics and within English. With 41 charter schools now open, that statistic is astounding. From the beginning, Success Academy set out on a path to become a world-class school system and become a beacon of light for students achieving an education that provides the tools to reach their highest potential.


Students of the charter have a greater expectation of their performance, not only because teachers instill the confidence in them to believe in what they can achieve, but because of an environment that encourages positive fore-thought with their learning. All students receive the support from teachers who hold them accountable, but teachers also engage at a level that provides assurance to students that they’re committed to their education. Teachers show a professional responsibility to their educational curriculum, while making sure they guide each student’s individual performance potential.


The students of Success Academy continue to out-perform their peers within the state of New York because of a support system that remains committed to their education as well as their well-being. Success Academy students are gaining more than an education; they’re gaining fortitude to build a foundation to live an extraordinary life beyond K-through 12.


Success Academy continues to reach higher for inventive teaching standards, and the high-achieving students continue to broaden expectations for learning within a supportive and nurturing environment.



Paul Mampilly; Investor Turned Teacher

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor of several publications that are owned by Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the company last year as an author of investment content. The investor was interviewed by Ideamensch and answered questions about his career and his work life. Mampilly explained that the idea of starting a company resulted from his dissatisfaction with Wall Street and the values that it promoted. He observed that it was not helping people. He decided to solve this problem. He soon discovered newsletter publishing. He started by using these skills to provide investment advice.

Paul Mampilly said that he starts his day by looking at the news about the world markets. He then checks if there is news about the companies that he is tracking. He keeps an eye on the stocks of these companies throughout the day through a portfolio tracker. Mampilly outlined his rigorous investment process. He starts by doing extensive research. He noted that he researches for more than thirty hours before he writes the recommendation. Mampilly said that his productivity results from consistency in his work and his routine. The dedication required to do this has helped to set him apart because he is able to track his stocks every day.

Mampilly is the author of three newsletters. These include Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, and Profits Unlimited. He has been featured in several news outlets including Reuters, Fox News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC. He made a name for himself when he won the Templeton Foundation competition in 2009. He generated gains of 76% even though there was an economic recession. Mampilly has an MBA in Finance from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He graduated in 1997. He has worked at top financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Deutsche Asset Management. Mampilly also worked as a hedge fund consultant where he worked with high-profile clients. Mampilly has volunteered at several organizations in the past. He was a food distribution volunteer at the Coalition for the Homeless in New York. He also worked as a conversational exchange volunteer at the International Center in New York for three years.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly: https://ideamensch.com/paul-mampilly/

NetPicks, educating and helping people independently trade

Wall Street can often have an arrogant attitude. Investors often deem the market as unstoppable. With a sell off earlier this month in the technology sector some seasoned investors are feeling nervous. This change in the stock market can create a choppy market for the summer months. It is not unusual to experience low volume summer months in the stock market.

The Lock and Walk strategy is common during choppy markets. While past results are not indicitive of future results, it is a relatively easy concept to embrace. The Lock and Walk is a do it yourself market strategy where an investor buys near support and sell near resistance. If the support breaks then they stop out. The drawback to the Lock and Walk strategy is if there are 67 basis points in gains then it will shut down until the next trading session.

For those who are looking to invest but not ready for the dramatics of wall street there are other options. Many people can feel intimidated by the stock market and not know where to start. These average people looking to invest require education and basic training on how the markets work and would benefit from online support. Average people who want to become financially independent and continually profitable in stock market trading would benefit from a trading education system such at NetPicks. For further reference,  check this.

NetPicks main focus is in helping every day traders to achieve success in the stock markets. Click on netpicks.com for additional reading.  NetPicks was founded in 1998 and provides education in online trading as well as Stocks, Options & ETFs in day and swing trading. Mark Soberman founded NetPicks and is headquartered in Irving, Texas. NetPicks has over 17 years of offering education for training and more the 25 years of personal trading experience. They employ a full staff of professional traders who assist new traders with their stock market journey. NetPicks features a stock market trading system, futures trading system, Forex trading system and an Options trading system.  For feedbacks and more, hit on netpicksllc.com.

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Omar Yunes Starting a Business

Many people today are interested in starting their own business. Although this journey has a lot of rewards for people who work hard, it is also a difficult task to take on. Omar Yunes has done a great job starting a company from the ground up and having financial success. Looking at his business, you can learn a lot of great lessons to apply in your own life.

Omar Yunes

From the time he started out in business, Omar Yunes has always wanted to add value to customers. There are a lot of people who look up to the ideas that he has. When he first started his company, there were a lot of issues that he had to deal with. Not only did he have a lot of customers to serve, but he lacked the capital needed to scale up his business quickly. Over time, he was able to grow his business with healthy cash flow and strong sales from new clients.


For any new company, marketing is an essential element of having success. Many business owners struggle to bring in new clients for a variety of reasons. One of the most important aspects of this process is learning what customers want. Knowing your core customer is essential to business success.

Financial Planning

Running a business is always difficult from a financial perspective. This is especially true in the beginning when capital is low. Every business owner must make decisions on what to prioritize in their business.

Omar Yunes always focused on product quality when starting out. He realized that he had to make a good first impression in the beginning in order to attract new customers over time. He is having success in his company today because of this commitment in the beginning. Anyone who wants to run their own business should look at the example he has set for inspiration.

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