Paul Mampilly is helping Main Street American make huge financial gains with his stock picks

Wall Street pro and investor Paul Mampilly knows which stocks to pick for maximum gains. He hit a crossroad when he got tired of many the rich even richer. He decided to launch his own newsletter to help Main Street Americans get wealthy and pursue their dreams of financial freedom. In June 2016 Paul founded Profits Unlimited after he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. Each months the financial guru suggest his picks for the best stocks to invest in. He not only suggests readers to invest in stocks but also special opportunities, growth investing, small-cap stocks, and technology. Many of his subscribers have made major gains including 700 percent! Now that is incredible.

Mr. Mampilly is also the founder of Capuchin Consulting. The firm was launched in 2013 and pairs professional investors with unique investments. He also launched two other newsletters called True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. On top of that Paul Mampilly was an author and analyst at Stansberry Research in 2015. With a busy schedule like this, being focused and having a routine is very important. In fact, Paul Mampilly has had the same routine for the last 15 years. Between 5am to 6am Paul wakes up and starts his day. Because he suggests stocks picks for his audience he checks the world markets every morning. Staying on top of this is very important because they can change all the time. He spends a lot of time researching each stock, 30 to 40 hours to be particular. There are two trends that interests Paul that he believes will be huge. Many other investors and business people agree with this. Millennials and the Internet of Things are blowing up right and will certainly take over the world. Millennials are one of the largest generations to date, 92 million to be exact. They will dictate a lot of things financial wise. The Internet of Things is how devices are all interconnected to each other, like smart devices and such. They will have a huge impact on the world and can make life much easier for people.

Paul Mampilly attended Montclair State University and got a BAA in Finance and Accounting. Then he went to Fordham Graduate School of Business and received a Master of Business Administration in Finance before the turn of the 21st century. Paul Mampilly started his career on Wall Street and even won the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition, which was not a smal feat.

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ClassDojo: An Entrepreneurial Success Story in the Field of Educational Technology

Good news for entrepreneurs in the field of education technology: after a four-year low in 2016, edtech (education technology) investments are on the upswing, on pace to hit 1.4 billion dollars in 2017. While investments aren’t likely to reach the 1.5 billion high of 2015, those interested in the edtech field are still looking at the future with tentative optimism.

But many entrepreneurs are still wondering how to best sell their edtech products. In general, the key is to create technologies that help keep students engaged while also making things easier for teachers. Teachers are the ones that edtech must be marketed to, and they aren’t interested in any products that won’t produce significant results. Edtech needs to solve real problems that teachers have, such as keeping students interested in difficult subjects.

One example can be found in the success of edtech program ClassDojo. Co-founder Sam Chaudhary got feedback form parents and teachers throughout the design progress to see what they need. Because of this, ClassDojo fills a need: it helps teachers show student progress to parents outside the space of parent-teacher conferences. Ultimately, teachers know what their classrooms need, so rather than creating a product and trying to convince educators that they need it, entrepreneurs are better off creating products that fill needs that classrooms already have.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform designed to keep teachers, parents and students connected and create a positive sense of classroom community. It allows teachers to update parents about their children’s’ progress constantly, instead of only during parent-teacher conferences, and teachers can also send photos and videos to parents at any time to share touching classroom moments. The program also allows teachers to encourage students for progress they make as well as skills and values they demonstrate.

Other features of ClassDojo include allowing students to share what they’ve learned by adding photos or videos to their personal portfolios, which can be viewed by their parents and peers. Teachers can also use ClassDojo to keep students engaged by letting them earn points from positive behaviors while losing points for negative ones. Many teachers even award a Dojo Winner each week to encourage healthy competition.

Overall, ClassDojo has been so successful because it fills real classroom needs. The program lets teachers stay in communication with parents while also helping keep students engaged in learning, which helps educators create positive, ground-up change even in struggling classroom environments.

Entrepreneur Mike Baur Helps Other Entrepreneurs Succeed

Entrepreneurs seeking the training and guidance needed to get their new startup business up and running are wise to check out the Swiss Startup Factory.


The Swiss Startup Factory has been doing exactly that for entrepreneurs. Businessman and entrepreneur Mr. Mike Baur is a co-founder and managing partner of the company. He is of Swiss descant and the company operates out of Zurich, Switzerland. Mike has an extensive business and financial background.


Mike schooled at the University of Bern and also studied at the University of Rochester. In the early days of his career, Mike worked in banking. For over 20 years, he was employed at major Swiss banks including UBS and Zurich based Clariden Leu. As a young man he apprenticed at the Union Bank of Switzerland. He achieved great success in his years as investment advisor end other executive roles. However, despite his success in banking, Mike got tired of the structured, red tape industry. He had other plans for his future, and decided to quit his job to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. In Mike’s case, that is his interest in start up companies. With his knowledge and all of his business savvy, he begin to invest in start ups. This led to the beginning of the Swiss Start Up Factory. The company is the creation of Mike Baur and two other men, co-founders Mr. Max Meister and Mr. Oliver Walzer.


The Swiss Start Up Factory invests in tech start up companies. As investors they will raise funds for start ups with potential and help guide them to success. The company recruits and employs high profile professionals who have achieved great success in their fields of endeavor.


Mike and the team at the Swiss Start Up Factory assists new entrepreneurs in numerous ways. They act as mentors. Mike’s work at mentoring and training has proven invaluable to many new business owners of tech start up companies. This will include teaching the owners how to obtain funds they have raised on their own.


Additionally, Mike and the Swiss Start Up Factory provides financial assistance to entrepreneurs. Their unique and ongoing marketing end other efforts of fundraising attract investor interest. Their media exposure is expertly handled by a team of high profile professionals. The funds raised will assist the entrepreneurs get started. For instance, they may receive up to three months of rent paid for office space in the Zurich area as well as Mike’s mentoring and training for three months.


Mike Baur is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed.


Innovative Communication with Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. He got the idea to start Talk Fusion after working as the Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy and developed a love for marketing. Bob Reina was touring a house that he felt would be a good for him. He wanted to get his family’s input, so he tried to send them a video through email. At the time video messaging was not even thought to be possible. He decided to market the idea of video messaging. He believed it would be a success because he had a good amount of success selling items to make extra money.

Bob Reina contacted his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen. Jonathan Chen is very good with technology. They discussed all of the possible options and moved forward with the idea. After developing the product, Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion in 2007. Since the opening in 2007 Talk Fusion has changed the lives of people all over the world in more than 140 countries.

Talk Fusion continues to reinvent itself by creating new ways to communicate through video. His last creation was an upgrade to live meetings. The program can host intricate meetings. The new application features an upgraded surface, and it uses the WebRTC system to communicate. 15 people are allowed to host while 500 people are allowed to participate. Tablets, phones, and computers can use the feature.

Talk Fusions products are created to enhance video communication on a personal and business level. They don’t want to limit themselves to just businesses. They have worked hard to give their customers a communication option that looks real. Talk Fusion has helped companies build a steady base of customers and maintain the customers that they have. Companies are easily able to use videos for meeting as well as campaigns.

The video program does not require you to use all your space up on your device. The program does not have to be downloaded separately the program is all in one. The amount of time it takes to install a program is cut out. There is no need to worry about people missing the meeting waiting for slow downloads. They can open the program in a window in their web browser and arrive on time for the meeting. Learn more:

Bob uses the platform that he has to give back to the community. His goal is to lead by example. He hopes that if someone sees him bettering the community or donating to a charity that they will do the same.

Talk Fusion started due to failure to send a message that inconvenienced Bob Reina. Now people all over the world are able to enjoy video communication.






CryptoCurrency Expert: Ian King

Cryptocurrency is one of the most trending phrase in the recent years, and nearly everyone wants to understand the science behind it. Cryptocurrency is a vital asset in this digital era; it has led to the rise of many online industries and also has stimulated the growth of many businesses. A cryptocurrency is a form of medium exchange that is used to make transactions online. For operations to be safe and secure cryptography which is a form of coded information is employed. Information coding in the new unit creation and verification of asset transfer is also essential. The invention of Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing; it is now comfortable and secure to conduct business transactions online.

Ian King is an entrepreneur who has become popular due to his distinct expertise in cryptocurrency. For the past two decades he has served in different institutions including; Salomon Brothers department of bond trading, Citigroup in credit derivatives sector and Peahi Capital in New York where he spent almost a decade. As a result, he accumulated vast experience and skills in analyzing and trading financial markets.

As King’s career grew, he developed a great passion for virtual asset market. He became committed to providing help to investors on how to go about crypto assets like bitcoin, ripple, and others. Additionally, he also initiated a program to offer guidance to virtual assets investors.

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Ian is currently serving as cryptocurrency editor for Banyan Hill where he offers weekly expertise advice, education and recommendations to crypto adventurers and keeps them to date with the recent developments according to He is also working on a project of producing a virtual course in trading including investment guidance that will provide a better understanding for readers of Banyan Hill.

While he was pursuing Bachelors of Psychology Ian enrolled for an internship in the mid of 90s bull market at Merril Lynch and got fascinated with market trading. He also participated in dot-com stock trading, and he realized that he had interest in trend analysis according to

According to Ian King, market understanding is essential as better oneself knowledge in the psychology of human, and in the market, everything narrows down to the same puzzle of why people do what they do. This question has been the central drive to his investigation in the world of virtual assets trade.

Ian King lives in the city of New York as he continues with his thorough research on cryptocurrency to help investors make the right choices.


How Susan McGalla’s Upbringing Helped Her

Susan McGalla was raised in a male dominate household. Growing up in a male dominate household helped Susan later on in life in ways that she would have never imagined. Growing up with her dad and brothers she learned that being a woman does not exclude you from having to do anything that life throws at you. Susan learned to do everything that the men in her life did.

In Susan’s career, she has held several positions in the field of marketing. She eventually moved on and began to work at American Eagle Outfitters. While at American Eagle Susan Worked extremely hard until she reached her ultimate goal of making it to the top. She worked in several management positions until she eventually become the president of the company.

After Susan left American Eagle Outfitters she held several other positions that were high in power. Susan is now the Vice President of Business Strategy with the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is also the Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as well. This is a huge accomplishment, considering that football is a male dominate field.

Today Susan is using her platform of success to encourage other women who are professional to not give up on their on their goals of becoming executives in their profession. Even though businesses who are gender diverse perform better than those business that are not, the percentages of gender diverse businesses are still not raising a lot. Susan encourages women to work hard as a professional. Susan also encourages women to prove themselves by completing tasks that are considered to be managerial tasks, even if they are not a manager. Completing these tasks will prove to management that you have what it takes to be in an executive position. It is also recommended for women to contact a sponsor for their career.

Barbara Stokes Runs a Business That Grows

Green Structure Homes of Alabama, a business based in Huntsville, recently announce the creation of new jobs in no less than eight states. Barbara Stokes, as the CEO of GSH, and her husband, Carl Stokes as the COO of the same, said that new expansions will create new jobs in eight states. The original business model of GSH is that of disaster relief. They provide modular homes as disaster relief after such events as hurricanes and other natural disasters.

One of the more interesting aspects of the disaster relief field is that it is not a conventional business, and the business model itself needs panning ahead of time for events that con not be foreseen. Read this article at

Teaming with government agencies such as FEMA and other disaster management organizations takes a particular skill among business interpreters, and Barbara Stokes has shown a unique, almost uncanny ability to grow such a strong business in uncertain times at best.

Since traditional, conventional business planning strategies will not work in this atypical sector, other, more useful strategies need to be developed. This is where the CEO, Barbara Stokes has shown a unique understanding and capacity to grow this business in such an atmosphere, one that at time can seem to be downright hostile to regular business growth.


She took control of the overall strategy of the business, and proved herself in working with governmental contracting and expanding GSH’s role in development of alternative methods of providing disaster relief. Thus, the business grew in times of business contraction for the rest of the sector. This is no happenstance occurrence; it is solely due to the strategy and business plan directly attributable to Barbara Stokes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

A Short Biography Of Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stoke’s College Education:

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a degree in physics and biomedical engineering, and she also studied the following subjects:

  • The structures and properties of materials
  • Thermodynamics
  • Technical communication
  • Business management

The Career Of Barbara Stokes:

Barbara Stokes currently works as the CEO at GSH of Alabama, and she worked in management positions at other companies before this. She was employed by Boeing and Pisces Corporation early on in her career. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

All the companies that she worked for were satisfied with her work performance. Working in these positions allowed her to become skilled at arranging government contracts. This experience has made GSH of Alabama a more successful company.

What Products Does GSH of Alabama Make?

GSH of Alabama produces homes that can withstand disasters. Many of their homes are capable of withstanding 130 mile per hour winds. In addition, the homes are designed to be resist pests and mold.

Furthermore, some of the homes come with luxury furnishings, such as marble and granite countertops. All of their homes are affordably priced. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

In addition, GSH of Alabama is certified by a number of well-known organizations. These are some organizations that certified homes that the company manufactures:

  • The AIA
  • The NFPA
  • The NSPE

How Can You Get In Touch With Her Company?

The company is available by telephone. If you call outside of business hours, you can leave a message for them. They will get back to you quickly. You also can send the company a message with a contact form on the company’s website.


Bumble Was Not Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Initial Intention

The journey to the large success of Bumble has started when Whitney Wolfe has decided that she has wanted to set up a social network for women to reach out to each other and give each other support. She did not want it to have anything to do with looks or appearances. However, there was someone who has convinced to set up a dating app. One thing that person saw in Whitney Wolfe Herd is her passion and her energy. Of course, Whitney has refused to take part in the online dating industry because that was not what she was interested in.

One night, Whitney was having a leisurely night out when she has thought about the tradition of dating. One thing she has thought about is what if women were making the first move. Then she has thought about the dating app in which women are enabled and encouraged to make the first move towards men they are interested in. The way this was done was by disabling the men’s account so that they are not able to message any woman until she initiates contact with him. Then he can have a conversation with the person if he chooses.

After coming up with the concept, Whitney Wolfe has met with someone to talk about a good name for the concept. She has finally settled on the name Bumble. Afterwards, she has developed the app until it was ready to be released to the public. After the release, history was made. People have signed up for the app and have experienced the difference between this app and the other apps.

With the success of the app for women, Whitney Wolfe Herd has kept the empowerment of women on her mind and has looked into different ways that she can empower them. This has included bringing forth extensions to her dating app so that women can meet one another as friends. She has also set up an app for business. One thing that she wants people to know is the power of networking. Networking can help people find opportunities that are best suited for them.

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White Shark Media Is Who You Should Call On To Manage Your Google AdWords Campaigns

Whether you’re just beginning to use Google AdWords or have used them a long time, doing okay with them is never enough. You’re putting a big investment in this marketing strategy and knowing how to turn low-cost keywords into real leads is very important. If you’re a small business, you probably don’t have the budget to pay higher than big business competitors, but there are still ways you can help local customers find you. If you really want to get the most out of using AdWords, you should hire a digital marketing company like White Shark Media to create campaigns for you.

White Shark Media has been helping small and mid-sized businesses build better AdWords campaigns since their founding and they even include tools like call tracking, data analytics and a triton website if you feel you need to build a more interactive website. They’re one of only 29 digital agencies that are certified Google SMB partners, a certification that’s hard to achieve with the strict requirements involved. But White Shark Media has delivered and they make things easier for customers by having a contact person they can get a hold of any time, senior staff that monitor the signup and hiring process so that the contact person can refer to them, and monthly review meetings to check the progress of the campaigns.

You should also consider signing up for White Shark Media’s AdWords evaluation which is given free of charge. During the evaluation, a representative will take a look at what you’re currently doing with AdWords and then explain what White Shark Media would do to make it work better. They will not actually do anything during the evaluation, but the knowledge you could gain may be very helpful, so even if you decide not to hire White Shark Media you could use it on your own. To get this free evaluation, simply call White Shark Media or signup at their website at